well, i still don't have much to say. hm.

ok, i went out tonight (well, thursday nite) to the apartment (local bar/club) with some friends of mind. got some free drinks (thanks guys!), hung out wit mah gurls (home gurl cathy & so cal home gurl carla!), did some dancin, tho SOME GUY FUCKIN TOUCHED ME LIKE I WAS SERIOUSLY GONNA DANCE WITH HIM EVEN THO I WAS NICE ENOUGH TO EVEN TOLERATE HIS EXISTANCE CLOSE TO ME, and danced with my freaky home boy chris. that about sums up the evening. OH. and there was practically NO eyecandy. can u believe that??? sheesh.

well, here's somethin to chew on.

1. List your five favorite beverages.
a. coffee
b. milk
c. thai iced tea
d. thai iced coffee
e. guiness (ok u got me...the fifth is alcohol in general. hehehehe...)

2. List your five favorite websites.
a. cartoon network (i love cartoons!)
b. sultry earth (really awesome sim stuff)
c. google (dude, u can find practically ANYTHING)
d. yanowhatimean (well, it keeps me in touch, gots some quizzes...n stuff ;))
e. bumblebootie (she got some fun quizzes, too, AND i like the look :))

3. List your five favorite snack foods.
a. CHILI CHEESE FRITOS (so bad...so addictive...so DAYM GOOD!!!)
b. original fritos
c. CHEETOS (when it's not fritos, it's cheetos!)
d. original bugles (*ahhhhhhhhhhh...salivating....*)
e. matt's chocolate chip cookies (pop them in the microwave and DAYM they're good!)

4. List your five favorite board and/or card games.
a. CLUE (board)
b. cranium (board)
c. spit (card game...tournaments can tear apart families...)
d. disney trivia of pursuit (cuz THAT'S the only trivia of pursuit game i'll EVER win...damn you smart people!!!)
e. spoons!!! (card game...some good time here!)

5. List your five favorite computer and/or game system games.
a. KINGDOM HEARTS! (ps2...man, i can play this game over and over again. i love donald!!!...shiiiiiiiit...i can't wait till kingdom hearts TWO comes out!!!)
b. sims (any of them...either comp or ps2)
c. old school king's quest (cuz the new crap is well...crap. -on comp =/)
d. anything of the MYST series (comp)
e. dark cloud (ps2)

well THAT was fun :). no really, it was :D. kewl! gnite n check ya later.


so i got this from my lil gurl's page a long ass time ago...a lil more info for u, or shall we say a reintroduction from my 5 month hiatus. i'll talk more about that later, when i figure out something to say.


1. Name: Fatima Sanchez Feliciano
2. Birthday: 052180
3. Piercings: ahhhhhhh...both ear lobes, n 2 cartilage on my left ear. i had an eyebrow, but that's gone.
4. Tattoos: naw, but maybe one day...
5. Height: 5'1"ish :(
6. Shoe size: 6 1/2 - 7
7. Hair color: brown to dark brown. and that's naturally.
8. Hair Length: midlength, past my shoulders
9. Pets: mah bebeh boy luscious (a minilop rabbit) & ewok (the lil bro i never wanted, a dog)
10. In the morning I am: not awake. ew.
11. All I need: is what i need, right?
12. Love is: wut u make of it
13. If I could see one person right now: hm. my mom.
14. I'm afraid of: abandonment
15. I dream about: crazy shit

1. Movie you rented: i don't rent, but my sister does ;)
2. Movie you bought: i don't remember the last one i actually bought, cuz that was years ago
3. Song you listened to: incubus - stellar (acoustic)
4. Song you had stuck in your head: maren ord - waiting
5. Song you've downloaded: liz phair
6. Person you've called: tintin
7. Person that called you: liss
8. TV shows you've watched: that 70's show
9. Person you were thinking of: someone. :D

1. You have a B/F or G/F? nope
2. You have a crush on someone? hehehe...sure yeah!
3. You wish you could live somewhere else? in a way, yes
4. You think about suicide? i have...but not at the moment no
5. You believe in online dating? um ew no!
6. Others find you attractive? shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit i dunno. u gotta ask them that.
7. You want more piercings? yes.
8. You want more tattoos? i'd like one, when i find the right tattoo

For or against...
1. Long distance relationships: it depends. it can work if your really in love (mah 'rents)
2. Using someone: um AGAINST. unless they're willing ;)
3. Suicide: against.
4. Killing people: um AGAINST.
5. Doing drugs: hey, that's dependent on the person. i'm neither for nor against.
6. Driving drunk: yeah, i'm against.

1. Food? filipino food (tocino, karekare, pancit loog loog...)
2. Song? that varies, but i never get sick of On My Own from Les Miserables
3. Thing to do? sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. but that's funny cuz sometimes i just can't
4. Thing to talk about? life...personal things
5. Sports? hm...football is fun :D especially o-line
6. Drinks? milk, coffee, and long islands. and guiness is pretty damn good too.
7. Clothes? for goin out: jeans n a t-shirt, for home: shorts n a tank/tshirt...very comfy
8. Movies? shrek, princess bride, boondock saints, southpark...
9. Bands? i don't really have a favorite
10. Holiday? eh. none at the moment
11. Car? i always liked the old 94 eclipse...or a nice pathfinder :D
12. Ever cried over a girl/boy? over or because of...?
13. Ever lied to someone? ...is grass green?
14. Ever been in a fight or arrested? hehehe...naw. imma good gurl!

1. Shampoo do you use? Pantene pro-V
2. Perfume/Cologne? various bath n body works, victoria secret...wutever i'm in the mood for
3. Number of times I have had my heart broken? well, at least once
4. Number of hearts I have broken? hahaha...i say zero, tho people may say otherwise
5. a. Number of guys I have kissed? well, what exactly does kissed mean? in general? on the lips? the cheek? do people really wanna know? hehehehehehehehe
5. b. Number of guys I have kissed in the last three days: zip
6. Number of drugs taken illegally? oOoOo...at least 1...alcohol is a drug my friends..and is illegal under certain circumstances
7. Number of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends? well, that is tough for me cuz i trust quite a number of people with my life.
8. Number of people I consider my enemies? i don't have anyone rotten enough to be my enemy
9. Number of people from high school that I stayed in contact with: mainly 2
10. Number of CDs? that i personally own? prolly like 5. the rest belong to my sisters (100s)
11. Number of scars on my body? hahahaha...i'm like one big scar. i have no clue. over 5.
12. Number of things in my past that I regret? we'll say over 5. i don't want to psychoanalyze myself to the point of depression. :D

With the opposite sex:
1. What do you notice first? eyes...the smile...then facial hair if any...then hair.....
2. Worst thing to say? ummm...shiiiiiiiiit...i dunno. really i don't. :D

1. Makes you laugh the most? my sister christine
2. Makes you smile? prolly about 99 percent of the people i know
3. Gives you a funny feeling when you see them? hahaha...trick question!!!
4. Has a crush on you? yeah i don't think so
5. Easiest to talk to? well, i don't know anymore...times are achanging

Have you ever:
1. Sat on the Internet all day waiting for someone special to I.M. you? hahaha...not ALL day
2. Saved AOL/AIM conversations? yis ;)
3. Cried because of someone saying something to you? hellz yeah
4. Fallen for your best friend? hmmmm...best friend? or friend...
5. Rejected someone? yes
7. Been cheated on? that i don't know. but i don't think so.

Who was the last person:
1. You talked to? ...in person...marlon and brother. on the phone...some lady talkin about flowers
2. Hugged? brother.
3. You instant messaged? ms. juvelyn
4. You laughed with? ...on the phone? christine. in person? brother.

Do you:
1. Color your hair? nope! it's ALL mine!
2. Ever get off the darn computer? why yes...yes i do.
3. Hablas espanol? un poco, lo siento.

Have you/ Are you/ Do you:
1. Obsessive: moohahahaha....i can be ;)
2. Could you live without the computer? unlike my eldest sister, yes. yes i can.
3. Like watching sunrises or sunset? OF COURSE.
4. What hurts the most, physical pain or emotional pain? emotional pain's a real bitch.

Final Questions:
1. I want: my own room that has only MY STUFF in it.
2. I wish: for nothing because my wishes never come true
3. I love: you
4. I miss: my mom
5. I fear: that i'm becoming extremely paranoid...hahahhaha....that's funny...
6. I hear: maury povich consoling some woman's bebeh's daddy
7. I wonder: why people don't know who their bebeh's daddy is
8. I am: short.
9. I will: be