yeah so life is boring...but getting sadder. if it was up to me, i wouldn't leave just yet...but i'm already starting to miss home...it's my time now. i think it's prolly been long enough. hopefully i've made a lil dent at U of I.

here is the friday five...i kno i kinda missed it, but hey, i'm busy. kinda. ;)

1. What was the last TV show you watched? well, right now i'm watching mah mayn Dicky...Dick van Dyke that is ;). yah i know, it's weird...i like Diagnosis Murder. :D
2. What was the last thing you complained about? it seems like class is getting longer and looooooooooooonger...
3. Who was the last person you complimented and what did you say? let see...i think that last night i told jen she was fuckin hilarious. ;)
4. What was the last thing you threw away? um...toilet paper? how about gum? :D
5. What was the last website (besides this one) that you visited? grade book...to see how my classes are goin...eek. =/

i did it early, so it kinda counts. besides, i haven't slept yet, so to me it's still friday. :D

wanna see a HOT pic of me?!?!?!

yeaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! internet make-overs are fun :D...had to do some touch ups tho cuz when you put on the lipstick, it goes over your teeth if you smile with your teeth showing, you know, like how NORMAL people take pics. geez.

hmmm...so i prolly won't be going home until i graduate (051803). yay. how sad. soorie yo. pretty bittersweet. all good tho...the one's i'll see are the ones that i'll keep forever. mayn, can you imagine...if i keep all the people that i'm friends with now...when i get married, it'll be a pain in the ass to get a big place so they can all come. hahahaha...

aight, that's all for now. we'll see when something spectacular happens to me. ha. ;)



i swear, God is hilarious. he really is. look at the platypus. hehehe.

so anyways, lemme fill u in on somethings that have happened in the past 4 or 5 days.

well, wednesday night, me, sharone and juvs watched boondock saints. no guys...yeaaaaaaaah! just like it should be. ;)

thursday was filled with studying for my friday exam...which i took at noon. and sharone actually finished before i did. hahaha ;). went home at 1, thanks to thara and her papa. i come home to my sister, Claudine, and the animals. i fergot wut else we did...but i ended up goin out with my best friend from High School, Hoagie (a girl). so i went out with her and her bf to one of their other friend's house (where there were more ppl i didn't know) fer a couple beers, then we went to a bar...but there was a lil mishap so we didn't end up goin with the others. we ended up goin to another bar by Hoagie's house. it was good getting to know her again :). that, and learning a couple of interesting things from her about people we know.

saturday...we (me, my sisters and my tita) went to visit my mommy in the hospital. yeah, so she had a fever of like 104, so they kept her for observation...even tho it was supposed to be just for one nite =/. yah they tell me she's better, but hmmmmmmmm. after spending some time there, me and the sisterfriends went to try on dresses for the wedding...again. so this time, i actually decided wut dress n top i'd be wearing. it's being ordered...thanks claudine! i'll pay u back, i swear. :D . yah so i hate trying on dresses...but the other bridesmaids are HILARIOUS so it was fun times with the girls :). then a couple of us went to eat at baker's square...and we SOOOO stuffed ourselves. good times. then me n the sisters went home, and slept. bad idea. anyways, i went out later that nite with Hoagie n her man again. it was good times at the irish bars...hahaha. :) and i saw some random people there that i haven't seen in THE LONGEST time. like since hs graduation long time. but nonetheless, i still kinda wanted to go clubbin, but they're not really like that. wut can ya do. it was still pretty cool tho.

sunday...dressed all pretty for easter sunday mass with the sisters and tita. the sisters were in shock that i decided to go with the skirt ensemble, and not the black pants n top ensemble they were both sporting. oh! and i'm surprised that christine didn't tell anyone about her lil mishap in church!!! you should ask her. ;) . so before the family party at my cousins' place (michael, marian n marilyn), we went to visit the moms again. maaaaaaaaayn... her food smelled so good. she had like a steak and a baked potato... gravy... maaaaaaayn. hehehe...yeah i was starving. so we stayed for an hour, then headed over to their house. good eats, but man, i got up too fast from marian's bed, and i got SOOOOOOOOO dizzy! man, and i was FINE before. i swear. so i didn't eat too much...but man it smelled good. and i didn't feel like taking the time to baggy up some food for later. so melanie drove me to thara's house (THANKS MELANIE!) so i could hitch a ride back to school cuz her dad was driving her (THANKS AGAIN THARA n TITO). mayn, i felt bad. i passed the fuck out again. i really did try to stay awake, but i dunno...just haven't been feelin too great lately.

so now i'm back here. at school. with my beloved computer, spaz. i have one month left. one month, and the best part of my life as of yet will be over. yeah, i'm already thinking about it.

and by the way, Happy 420. if u don't know, don't ask. :D


so real quick...


yah, today my cousin, marlon, turns 23. awwwwwww!!! and i'll be joining him in 1 month and 6 days...dang...hahahahaha :)

sigh. so here's some links to mah pics...but they're embedded within my dialogue for your viewing pleasure ;). oh, and the pics aren't necessarily in order of my stay there. :D

one of the first sites i see in california...i love rodeo drive...the sign i mean...So yah, there was also this kewl lookin house by the beach in LBC...And on one of the drives by the many hills of california, i decided to take a pic of some houses on a hill. i didn't mean to, but it actually turned out to be a pretty kewl photo. My friends took me to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach (that was recently featured in an episode of Alias) and outside, they have these tanks filled with actually sharks n other aquatic animals you can touch. and i think this tiny yet beautiful shark was one of them. I also took a cute pic of a lil boy petting a sting ray that was practically jumping out of the water to be petted...but it didn't scan too well...if i can fix it, i'll put it up. Oh yeah, and one of my friends got crabs in Long Beach. HAHAHAHA. yeaaaaaaaaaaaah... ;) aight, i was told to say that. :D all good cuz rusty can't hurt me ;). yah, and here we are, in front of the fountain after our fun fun dididy yum day at the aquarium. :D naw dudes, i really did have fun at the aquarium...if u kno me, u kno that i LOVE animals (though not the bugs really)...sometimes i prefer animals to people...they're alot more honest. but wut can ya do? people disappoint...it's human nature. oh, and here's a picture of some of my other friends in cali when we went to a sushi restaurant/club called Miyagi's on sunset blvd.

and tonite (rather this morning), i saved my best pic for last: Walking down Venice Beach, i was, dare i say...CAPtivated, by this beautiful rendition of van gogh's starry night... hey, i think its beautiful. man, and during this point of the trip i was still camera shy (well, maybe more anti-tourist), but i knew i had to take a picture of it...even tho i prolly coulda taken a better one if it wasn't for that stupid street sign. dammit. ;)

aight, well i'll have more like on wednesday or something...i still got like a couple more (that i think claudine will like) to show...plus formal pics...awwwwwwww! fun times mayn. wish they could last forever.


so i've decided to join in on the friday five stuff. i figure, i should at least write in my blog once a week...maybe twice a week if i join that tuesday's this or that shtuff...my days are get boring, so i need to write about something, right??? :D hehehe...well, i'll be goin out with some hs friends tonight...so maybe i'll have something to say later on :).

1. What was the first band you saw in concert?
The Violent Femmes when I was a freshman in college.

2. Who is your favorite artist/band now?
hmmmmmmm...that's a difficult one...i like alot...but i would say that the artist i've been listening too the most has to be Jason Mraz.

3. What's your favorite song?
my all time favorite song would have to be "On My Own" from Les Miserables. but the song that i put on repeat these days is "you and i both" by Jason Mraz, acoustic of course.

4. If you could play any instrument, what would it be?
i would love to play the violin...i already got the piano n trumpet covered ;)

5. If you could meet any musical icon (past or present), who would it be and why?
man...i would LOVE to meet Lea Salonga...she's my idol! :D

aight...gimme till like tuesday to get mah pics str8...imma provide links instead of just putting them on here...cuz well, i'll be putting up alot. :D
peas out.


aight...so while i'm doctorin up mah pics, i'll give u guys a lil bit more to chew on.

So these first 2 pics are from a filipino conference i went to...the all girl pic in our hotel hallway (if u really wanna know who these girls are, just say so and maybe i'll say)...then my beloved "blue man group" picture. hence the blue men that sharone made for the people she drove that weekend (jay, hija, the driver, me, lil girl).

now THIS pic i may get in trouble for. but it miraculously appeared in my computer files...hmmmm...but HEY i think it's one of the cutest pics i have. :) i won't say who's who...cuz i'm sure my family can pick themselves out. :D

so yeah...i dunno when i'll be done with mah cali pics. but it'll come when it does. and i'll talk about formal some other time...i'll get picks from that too. good times! but i'll be studying till wednesday (exam, 9am), so you won't be hearing from me until then. soorie yo. c ya l8ers.



so it's been like 14 days since i've written anything. well i've been busy, so you must forgive me. anyways...lemme tell you about my spring break in california!!! my body may be here, but as you can see on the left side of your screen, my head is still in california :(. too fun people...aight...so imma hurt yur head n let u figure out wut i did, where i went, n my observances, in no real particular order...

::wut i did and observed::
no familiar foliage don't drink tap water from the LA river hibiscus plants growing next to the drive thru jack in the box menu wait where are the animals cuz there aren't any runnin around here no hugs n a kiss just hugs except from carla palm trees are hairy i've never been on so many "freeways" in the span of like 10 minutes la brea does not equal brea diagonal crosswalks throw me off go to the airport at least 3 hrs b4 your flight leaves i think i gained like 20 lbs queen sized beds are too big n couches can be too small cali has counties like we have suburbs i'm down with the LBC hahaha i've seen so many places that are mentioned in mah ghetto songs you can learn a lot from ghetto people on the good side of town aquariums are cool sting rays liked to be pet and they jump out of the water to do so it's fackin hot in the valley "cali girls" are kinda gross but girls from california are dope diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick filipino movies have the potential to be really good but they always suck don't make the duendes mad it's called pulling a paolo in illinois but in cali it's called pulling a jay palm trees are WEIRD:they feel funny they can be taller than buildings but they still look cool no more AM flights all you need to do is step in the ocean once, other than that just looking at it is good enough or just standing over it on a pier i don't think i've ever seen so many staples stores and working oil drilling equipment eastsiders aren't talking about the east coast rather the east side of long beach (the ghetto side ;)) mole man n the bird lady make me uncomfortable we got pigeons n seagulls in chicago too penis truck driver must be compensating for something how sad diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!

::where i've been (tho i'm prolly missing places)::

aight. many of you will prolly complain but TOUGH. it's fun ;). see, if i try hard enough, i could figure out where i went on wut days, though i think i've eaten at so many places that they may confuse themselves in my head. i can't even remember the names of all the places i've been...man it was so fun. oh, and i'm soorie that i didn't eat at an IN and Out. i'll go next time i'm there...seing as how imma prolly be there next year to see my seestair. awwwwwwwww...:(. all good. at least i have other friends to visit there, too! :)

so yah...i had just too much fun there...i really did. to those there, i may seem that i was just alright, but you gotta understand that i'm not the type to go CRAZY when i see things...i leave that up to christine. i'm more...chill. but i did really enjoy every minute i was there. well, except when crowds PISS me out. ugh. hehehehe ;). aight...imma get pics up soon, so just watch out fer them :D. and i'll prolly talk about LBC fer another week. hahaha.

peas out. no seriously, i hate peas. hahaha...i kill me...moohahaha... ;)