i c!

first of all, GO ILLINI!

I - L - L !

I - N - I !!!!

I'm so happy for my alma mater...it's been a long time ;). i remember when our basket ball team made it to the sweet sixteen when i was still there...everyone at school was feelin school spirit. it must be karaaaaaaaaazy in chambana land!

Secondly, the previous post was a test...there's this blogger button on my Google toolbar, and i wanted to see what it does...so i found out it creates that link (the one of my page in the post) and you can write about it or something...like if i was web surfing n found a kick ass page that i just HAD to tell u people about. that'll prolly never happen. anyhoo, at least i know what it does now. :D

and Thirdly, Happy New Years Eve! I'll write later...i've been bingeing on Sims2!!! Thanks sisterfriend (& kuya dave). :) ...oh, and i got a whole lotta other kewl stuff from family n friends, so don't feel unappreciated. i just don't wanna brag about wut i got ;). thanks to everyone for the well wishes n all that good stuff!

i'm out. maybe i'll get a lil crunk tonight...yes, crunk. wut does that mean? i think i know, but hey, i could be wrong. drive safe people! it could be a crazy night!!!

pico space dot plan

pico space dot plan just testing something...gimme a sec...



Hello all. Happy Holidays! So, i have yet to write about my stalouis/street louis/san louie/St. Louis trip. Good times of course! if you'd like to see drunken pics of me and my friends, and also what we've done, feel free to go to sharon's site. She actually has a great collection of our fun times. For the st. louis trip, she combined abby's, twan's and her pics. GREAT album. 160 pics, so look at it when u have the time :D. all i can say for stalouis is, hope johnboy had a great birthday, and THANKS SO MUCH for our surprise! johnboy, if you're reading this, i hope you move to chicago. you're too fun ;)

so i'm at my computer alot, needless to say. and i have songs on here that i sometimes forget i have. now, i may have heard this song from melanie, or from one of my friends, but i really like it. me and acoustic songs! it's a really pretty song. no fluff, just toby and her guitar. and she's got a GREAT voice. and this is what i'll leave you with for now...

Frightened By Toby Lightman

Viewing lights under the surface
Knowing I'm found
Can't run away from
Can't make it undone

While reaching out for anything
Screaming without a sound
How did I find you
How was I supposed to try

I'm frightened by the love that's in you
But it's alright
Oh and I'm frightened by the love that's in me
But I know, it's alright
It's alright

The only one who understands
The only one who gave me
Something to belong to
With nothing left to undo

With you, everything's beautiful
And I'm not scared to be
Falling into unknown
With you, I find the strength to carry on

I'm frightened by the love that's in you
But it's alright
Oh and I'm frightened by the love that's in me
But I know, it's alright
It's alright

I'm frightened by the love that's in you
But it's alright
Oh and I'm frightened by the love that's in me
But I know, it's alright
It's alright


top 10

alrighty...so yesterday, i left for downtown at about 11:15 so i could get there at about noon. since i was a lil early, i hung out with my sister and her coworkers fer about an hour. we chatted, drank hot peppermint chocolate, and read comic books! :)
next, i met up with abby at heaven on seven....mmmmmmmmmm! i DID try the chicken fried steak...but MAN that thing was humungous. and the gravy was like pure butter. i mean, i love butter n all, but man! i could only finish about half of it. but that gumbo soup was delicious! :D we talked about stuuuuff, laughed, and had beers. yum!
after that, we walked to the daly center for german fest! there was a kewl glassblowing tent, tons of candy, christmas ornaments, potato cakes, brats, etc. oh, and beer. but we didn't go into the beer tent, cuz there were alotta 'older' peeps there. ;) after we got a good look around, we headed over to do a lil shopping.
most importantly, after shopping, we went to The Big Downtown in the palmer house hilton for happy hour with our friends. so it was me, abby, esteban, juvy, topher, jr, and liss also stopped by. good times! beer, fries, and hot wings. they had this thing there called "the tower" where they fill this 3 foot cylinder with beer that comes with it's own tap, put it on top of it's base, and you have access to it right there at your table. i ferget how many pints it was...32 maybe? well, i had 3 glasses and a black n tan...we all talked about whatever...what they do at work, aspirations, embarrassing questions, old stories...u know, the usual :). so of course, a good time again.

changing the subject...for this, imma lil late...but here. wishful thinking mostly...and mostly things i don't necessarily need. also, i did not include the things i put on my cousin wishlist at melanie's site:

TEN things i want for the Holidays!

1. game: kingdom hearts: chain of memories - for the gameboy advanced
2. gameboy advanced sp - i don't reallly care wut color...but silver is pretty! ;)
3. game: jak II for ps2
4. game: kingdom hearts for ps2
5. dvd: inuyasha - the movie 1: affections touching across time
6. dvd: inuyasha - the movie 2: the castle beyond the looking glass
7. dvd: iria: zeiram the animation - episodes 1-6 dvd release 2004 in collectors tin
8. dvd: into the woods, original broadcast
9. dvd: Samurai X: Trust & Betrayal - Director's Cut
10. dvd: Samurai X: Reflection - Director's Cut

things that i would want, but aren't out yet...
#1. kingdom hearts II!!! man, i've been waiting for kh2 ever sinced i beat the first. i've played kh1 millions of times (mostly on melanie's *thanks!*), and i absolutely love the game, but it finished open-ended, and that kills me! hehe...and the preview for the game looks HAHT. i'm so excited. this would be my impulse buy. unfortunately, i don't think it comes out in the US until september 2005. i'm very sad. :.(.. <-those dots are tears btw. ;)

2. i can't think of anything else. at this time. kh2 is still on the brain.

things i wanted that i already know i'm getting:
1. SIMS2! maaaaan...when i got sims: makin magic, and i opened up the cd case to find a preview cd for sims2...i knew at that moment i just had to have it. having your sims age???? maaaaaan! any real sims fan had been waiting for that. truth be told, the original sims does get stale after awhile...that's why, for me at least, i get lil waves of wanting to play sims. ahhhhh...so christine is gettin me this one :). she always gets me the sims stuff ;)

2. aladdin on dvd - not only is it aladdin, it's the special edition. with bonus cds! why do i love aladdin? #1 reason is lea salonga. i love singing along. :D thanks to claudine for this one!

sooooo...all there is now to wonder is...what is my grab bag gonna get me??? they have many choices...so which one? dundunduuuuuuun! :P


i love animes! part ii

hellooooooo! and here is the second installation. i'm actually off to bed early. tell ya about it later ;).

17. sailor moon - i've seen this one long ago...many people have heard of the many sailor moon series and movies...a bunch of hs girls are the protectors of this galaxy, each bearing a code name of a planet...except the earth. and sailor moon is the leader, and also a princess. the actual protector of the earth is a guy going by the code name, the tuxedo mask...kinda cheesy. and of course, the 2 are an item. i enjoyed the series, but i don't think i can watch them now. too much sugar! hahahahaha ;)

18. case closed - a cutsie anime! i wouldn't say it's the best art i've seen, but i DO love the stories. it's pretty much a detective story...with a twist. the main character is a teenage crime solver stuck in the body of a child, who is living with his girlfriend and her incompetant detective of a father. does that makes sense? they don't know the boy's true identity. also, the boy solves all the crimes, and the father takes credit...well, the kid gives it to him. hard to explain. anyhoo, i like it, cuz i like the whole whodunit thing.

19. megaman/rockman - now i know this series is on the WB right now, but i love megaman. especially the video game. which came first? i don't know. and i can't really explain the story, because he became something totally different, but ultimately the same, in the new tv version. nonetheless, megaman is AWESOME. oh, and i haven't gotten around to looking up why he has 2 different names. cuz i'm pretty sure megaman=rockman. correct me if i'm wrong cuz man, i dunno. ;)

20. inuyasha - series & 3 movies - LOVE it. and the movies are just as great...especially the third! it's about a girl, kagome, who falls through a "time well" in her family's shrine to find that she's arrived in feudal japan, where demons are aplenty. she meets a half demon half human boy named inuyasha, and of course falls in love w/him...they make other friends, and are on a journey to retrieve pieces of a magical jewel that acts as demon steroids when embedded in their bodies. cuz kagome broke it. OH and she is the reincarnation of a powerful priestess, kikyo, who died long ago that was actually an item w/inuyasha until they were both deceived to hate one another. and kikyo comes back to life while kagome is there. and inuyasha still has lingering feelings for the dead woman. stupid boy. well, i still enjoy it. :D

21. wolf's rain - series on a desolate future where wolves are supposedly extinct...but have actually evolved into tricking peoples' minds into thinking they are human. most wolves have lost hope of seeking paradise, but 4 have caught the sent of the lunar flower, which is supposed to lead them to paradise. it's a real good show. alot of mysterious things goin on...cuz u know, the wolves aren't the only ones who've heard about paradise. dundun duuuuuuuun!

22. witchhunter robin - i really enjoy this one. people have 'evolved' to have powers, and are of course called witches...so a gov't agency (i think) is in charge of hunting down these witches before they do anymore harm, cuz most of them do. and robin, the 15 yr old heroine of the series, is a hunter, but also a user of 'the craft.' she's a pyro ;). anyhoo, there are a couple of twists n turns...like what happens to the witches when they are captured? dundun duuuuuuuuun! hahaha...but yeah, i like it, since robin matures as a character. she has to start out as the out of place rookie that people disregard or don't trust, to a young woman that has unbelievable power and loyal to an organization she barely knows anything about. or does she? mooooohahahaha...

23. fullmetal alchemist - this is interesting too. i dunno why i'm interested in the 'occult' stuff. blame it on christine :D. it's of a world like ours, but instead of science as we know it, alchemy reigns...and laws must be followed or an act of alchemy can result in horrific consequences. when the main characters, ed and al elric lose their mother at a young age, they try human alchemy (which is forbidden) to bring her back. unfortunately, al ends up losing his body, and ed loses an arm and a leg - the arm he loses in order to tie his lil bro's soul to a piece of armor. after that, ed decides to become a state alchemist and find a way to first restore his brother's body, and the to get back an arm n a leg. and what of their mother? what did they create when al lost his body, and ed his leg? dundun duuuuuuuun! yeaaaaaaah! hahahahaha...

24. ko century beast (or ko beast) - a cute 7 episode series of a future earth cut in half...but it happened so long ago that no one really remembers why it happened. now, Humans are trying to occupy the northern half where Beasts reign, and they are of course enemies. but where did Beasts come from? they look semi human, but have animal qualities...and why are their idols coming to life and obeying certain people? ok, the idols aren't alive, their robots. but they kinda are alive...in a way...u just have to watch it. only 7 episodes! i own them, so if u wanna borrow (and i know you of course), holla n i'll lend 'em to ya ;).

25. iria: the zeiram project - i ferget how many episodes there are (less than 10), but this series is also one of my faves. Iria is an ass-kicking female bounty hunter that seeks to avenge her brothers death in a future earth filled with hi-tech guns, aircrafts, spaceships, n all that fun stuff. too bad the brother died...he was HAHT. hahahah oh yeah animated men. ;) *wainkwaink*

26. kenshin ova & series (rurouni kenshin) - *(ova=original video animation...aka oav) which means the episodes go straight to video* my friend topher intro'd this anime to me. first of all, i know i haven't seen a lot of anime, but the 6 story ova portion are one of the most passionate and emotional animes i've ever seen. i never cease to cry when i watch these damn episodes. this story is about the greatest assassin in all of japan during the late 1800's named kenshin. so there's a lot of blood, but there's a lot of sadness too. the kenshin ova is very somber. the first four take place in the beginning...how kenshin became a manslayer, his life as a manslayer, and him trying to justify his actions believing he kills to give japan a better future. the last two ova's give an overview of the last couple of years after the ending of the series...it may not be as good as the original 4, but it's a great ending to the series. maybe, by chance, i always watch these episodes during an emotional time, but i don't think so. it's just that good to me...definitely one of my faves. on the other hand, the tv series is WAY different. it's actually a comedy. it relates to the ova's, but puts a brighter spin on it. the series is about how kenshin is atoning for the murders he has committed, his past constantly coming to haunt him, and him making friends that keep in on the right track. i've only seen a couple of them, and they really are funny :).

27. tenchi muyo (ovas, series, & GXP series) - there are 3 movies and a couple of series for tenchi muyo. there is the ova series, universe series, in tokyo series, gxp series, and then the pretty sammy ovas, n magical project s. i haven't seen the last two. not to be mean, but it sounds too sailor moon for me, n i grew outta that. those last two takes the youngest female character into a starring role in another barely related story arc. anyhoo: the ova, is my favorite of all series. it's what started it all. the universe and tokyo series have mostly all the same people as the ova, but slightly changes how they all meet, or are related. so it's about a boy named tenchi that discovers he isn't who he thinks he is. he is a descendent of a prince from another world...and his ancestor's past comes to haunt him. in a funny way. all these females somehow all crash into his life and fall in love or somehow bind themselves to him out of loyalty. and of course, they have their share of villains and adventures. lastly is the gxp series. gxp is the galaxy police that protects the galaxy/universe whatever...and they mistakenly recruit an accident prone earthling (who actually is a friend of Tenchi's) named Seina, whose bad luck reaches to even those around him. eventually, he ends up in the same kind of situation as tenchi - he meets women that fall in love w/him or give their loyalty to him. also, he has a knack of rounding up space pirates, which is beneficial for the gxp...and gives a lot of space adventure time. the first movie, i'd say, is the best movie. it's about tenchi's mom, achika, who tenchi lost as a young child and also the parent with the alien blood. the second is about a young woman who claims to be tenchi's child, and the third is about tenchi being captured by a mysterious woman into a world where his female friends do not exist and he lives with this woman...and his friends have to save him before he's trapped forever. the 1st n 3rd follow the universe arc, and the 2nd follows the ova. overall, i'd say tenchi muyo ova is my most favorite. christine intro'd me to this one as well!

i have heard of many other anime series...but due to the numerous episodes i've missed, i was reluctant to start watching...and then there are the movies that i haven't gotten the chance to watch:
. ranma 1/2, series
. bubblegum crisis, series
. robotech, series
. ghost in the shell, series
. battle of the planets, series
. fist of the north star, movie...i don't wanna see the live action. i wanna see heads explode in the anime ;) hehehehe
. evangelion, series
. escaflowne, series

there are prolly more, but this is all i can think of at the moment. i'm sure i pooped u guys out anyways....but yeah! good times!



i love animes! part i

now, my next entry is going to be 2 parts. cuz it's LOOOOOOOOOOONG. :D

i love anime. as i've said previously. it's one of the many things christine has passed on to me from her college days (sushi and stories being others). and i am in NO way an expert of anime, so i'm just warning you that if you are, i AM gonna be saying stupid things, or things that i've heard that may not be true. :D . all i know is, it's sad that most popular animation today isn't hand drawn...well ok, that's not true. i'm speaking more in the movie sense. cgi movies are kewl n all, but there's no feeling like watching a show or movie that someone took the time to get hand cramps while drawing. even the flaws of animation...cgi movies are so perfect. kinda creepy. but hey, i'm not saying that i'm a hater. i loved finding nemo, and the beauty & the beast scene where they're dancing in the ball room. computers have done a lot, and it's good. heck, i'm pretty sure they use computers for color and effects in anime, and maybe even certain scenes. but for me, i still love a good 85-95% hand drawn animated movie or show. ;) but i digress. back to the animes!

i'm not gonna list the animes you see on average television today...like pokemon or yugi-oh, if any of you out there know these. i'm gonna stick to the ones i've seen on cable tv, that my sister introduced to me, or that i've just seen by chance.

anime list

1. birdy the mighty - i saw only part of it...but it's about a girl that kicks ass. go girl power! unfortunately, this story also has to do with her merging with a hs boy, so she's part-time girl, part-time boy. ohhhhhh funny people. one day i'll finish watching this one.

2. dragon balls series - ahhhh...dragon balls. this anime makes me crazy...for MORE! hahaha. seriously, one battle can cover 6+ episodes. and it's a one on one battle. there are many episodes for db, and many names for the series as it develops, but it's mainly about one alien of human likeness by the name of goku. it starts out when he's very young (dragon balls) then progresses eventually to his grand children (dbz or dbgt...i ferget). but i seriously had to stop watching this show cuz i would go crazy for the conclusion of a battle or storyline. too much heartache for me! but i loved the show... :)

3. hamtaro - seriously a series for children. it's about a hamster and his friends having adventures while their owners are away like at school. it's cute n all, but definitely for kids.

4. kiki's delivery service - also good for kids. it's a movie about a lil girl that's an actual witch...and that's about as much as i remember.

5. princess mononoke - this one was prolly the closest anime movie to hit big with hollywood. maybe it did hit big. i dunno really, but it was out there with an all star english dubbed cast. GREAT story, with GREAT sceneries. i love the lil tree spirits!

6. spirited away - i'm not sure how popular this one got, but it's definitely a great family movie. n i love the lil dust thingies. lil cuties. ;)

7. voltron - This was probably the first anime i've ever seen in my life. and still one of the best! but i'm afraid i don't remember much about it...i know there was Princess and Pidge...and some 'hot' guy, and 2 other boys? and they formed a kickass team with their kitty robots that could merge into a fighter robot! or were they all different 4 legged animals...anyhoo, i'm pretty sure that anyone who knows anime knows voltron.

8. akira - one of the most critically acclaimed animes...well i dunno if that's the truth, but that sounded really kewl, right? hehehe. actually, akira IS probably the best known anime movie, being ahead of its time when it came to animation. it also has a good futuristic story - motorcycles, gangs, telepathy, telekinesis, revolutions...but i have to watch it again to understand all the gov't stuff goin on there.

9. ninja scrolls - this action movie is quite popular as well. i've seen it, and i think it's pretty good. sure, there are parts that are cheesy, but they gotta throw in a lil romance for the ladies, right? but of course, lotsa battles n blood for the boys!

10. kor's orange road - a girlie series that christine intro'd me to. it's about a boy and his family that all have some sort of esp power...and him trying to be a normal kid in hs that wants to be with one girl, but another set her claws on him, but he's too nice to tell her he likes her friend. ah drama. :)

11. gunbuster - more girl power! another futuristic story of 2 girls picked to operate 2 'buster' engines/spaceships that can merge into a powerful robot so they can protect the earth from alien invasion. it's a great 6 part series that christine also intro'd me to.

12. gundam - another futuristic series composing of series of slightly different names (gundam wing, gundam seed...). it's mostly about boys piloting large powerful fighting robots. and depending on what series, there are differents stories...lots of civil war/revolution things going on. and of course, for the ladies, they throw in a lil romance here n there.

13. .hack//sign and .hack//legend of the twilight - a cute series that also is a video game. there is fighting, but i there's more story than fighting. i think. in the future, a comp virus affects/destroys almost all of the operating systems on the earth, and the last one standing becomes the main os. they in turn eventually make an online multiplayer role playing game using virtual reality head gear n stuff...soon enough, people start going into comas because for some odd reason when their character is killed they can't logout of "the world." i obviously like this series since i wrote so much about it. :D

14. cowboy bebop - a very intersting series. i'm sure this is a well known anime too. it's mostly about bounty hunters in space. i don't want to get too detailed, cuz i'm not sure i can even sum it up. but it's really good! i especially love the corgi in the show.

15. vampire hunter d - i'm a fan of this movie :). it's about a vamp hunter, obviously. it's somewhat of a dark movie, but i like it.

16. trigun - a very funny series that takes dramatic twists n turns! hahaha. ok, it's mostly a comedy, but it does have it's lessons to be learned, and deep moments for the main character, vash the stampede. in this series, there was some big fallout thing on earth, so the future is like old west with hi-tech stuff. n of course, for the ladies, some romance. a smidgen. she mostly just yells at him for being a dumbass. :D

well, it's late. i'm sure this'll tide u guys over for a lil while...until i finish the last half, along with the list of animes that i've heard about and would like to see. mooooohahahahaha...


random thoughts 1.04

ahhhh...lessee...i was gonna write yesterday, but i kinda fergot.

WARNING! this next part is not for ppl with weak stomachs. i'll try not to get too graphic...wait for the OK! if u just wanna skip the grossies.

so about 24 hours ago, i was watching animal planet's animal precinct (detroit). there was this one dog that looks like my cuzin marlon's dog... u know that laundry wire, sturdy with the plastic coating? well this dog had wire wrapped around him like a make-shift harness. it was also wrapped around his neck. that's the first part. second part: the wire was so tight around him that it cut through his skin down to muscle. this is a cream colored terrier mix dog. on his neck, you could see at least 3.5 inches of red slimy flesh after they cut away about 4 feet of wire. on his torso were 2 horizontal patches of red, width about 1.5 inches each. last part, they said the dog smelled of rotting flesh...to which i introduce the maggots. i HATE maggots. i'd like to believe that i don't hate a lot of things, but i HATE those lil infantile bugs. iiiiiick. so yeah! maggots were found in his flesh. poor Chip. that's wut they called him. anyhoo, they had to anesthesize him so they could shave the fur around the surrounding wounds and also clean out the puss, baby bugs, and eggies. to make a long story short, chip fully recovered. however, he wasn't adoptable because he has tempermental issues, which cannot be fixed.

so the icky stuff is over. what next? oh yes...due to the expected increase of price for cable, my dad and i will be canceling our subscription. it isn't worth it. i barely watch it even now. all i need is my dsl, which is actually attached to the phone, so that's not a problem.
ahhhhh, cable. we've had cable for many years now...not as long as some people have had it, but for a while...i'd say since i was in gradeschool. we were one of the lucky ones...i think, bc my tita from ohio had cable for a LONG ass time, my dad kinda liked it. and of course, so did we kids. "you can't do that on television" or wutever was one of our favorites when we'd visit her. cable was a special treat in ohio for us. then we got it....and we never turned back. the closest thing we did to turning back was going to basic cable, no premium channels. yes, we once had premium channels as well. but alas, a big part of my nocturnal joy will be gone. no more animal planet, disney, mtv, nick, sci-fi, discovery, comedy, history...and of course... my cartoon network, to name a few. oh cn. :( the thing i'll miss the most is watching animes. i'm a fan. i'm not a BIG fan tho...i can't say i'm into all the popular ones....but when i catch them on cn, i get addicted. i have to stop myself from watching the new ones they put out, cuz i know i'll get hooked. so an early goodbye to the shows i love...

*animal cops/precinct, most extreme animal, oblongs, south park*
*.hack// series, inuyasha, wolf's rain, witchhunter robin, the gundam series, full metal alchemist*

gimme a minute...i'll be okay.......*snifftearsniff*
...next on pico .plan: i'll list all the animes i've ever seen, and give a brief summary on each. this'll be a fun one for me. ;)


jumpin on...

yeah, so i'm blogging a lil too soon...but i wanted to change a couple things b4 i forget.

1. i folded and jumped on the bandwagon...signed up for the unkymoods. they're too damn cute.
2. i created a hover color for my links...thanks to viewing claudine's source code...cuz christine's is too complex ;)
3. fixed the blog button down below! man, i didn't even realize i was missing part of the address. i dunno how i even deleted it! oh well. all good now ;).

so one day, i'll post pictures. when i can find a place to put them ;). and i'm workin on a new background...just hafta tweak a couple things before i do :D.



movie lists

christine had this list a while ago...she got it from chariya, who got it from melanie, who got it from a midget who talks backwards. or something like that. i don't follow much... ;) now when you see the underlined ones, it means that either i, claudine or christine owns the movie. mostly christine :D.

.. the Movie List..
Bold the ones you've seen, underline the ones that you own and, when you're done, add three more that aren't already on the list.

1. Trainspotting
2. Shrek
3. M
4. Dogma
5. Strictly Ballroom
6. The Princess Bride
7. Love Actually
8. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings
9. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
10. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
11. Reservoir Dogs
12. Desperado
13. Swordfish
14. Kill Bill Vol. 1
15. Donnie Darko
16. Spirited Away
17. Better Than Sex
18. Sleepy Hollow
19. Pirates of the Caribbean
20. The Eye
21. Requiem for a Dream
22. Dawn of the Dead The original
23. The Pillow Book
24. The Italian Job
25. The Goonies
26. Baseketball
27. The Spice Girls Movie (Spice World)
28. Army of Darkness
29. The Color Purple
30. The Safety of Objects
31. Can’t Hardly Wait
32. Mystic Pizza
33. Finding Nemo
34. Monsters Inc.
35. Circle of Friends
36. Mary Poppins
37. The Bourne Identity
38. Forrest Gump
39. A Clockwork Orange
40. Kindergarten Cop
41. On The Line
42. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
43. Final Destination
44. Sorority Boys
45. Urban Legend
46. Cheaper by the Dozen The original.
47. Fierce Creatures
48. Dude, Where’s My Car
49. Ladyhawke
50. Ghostbusters
51. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
52. Back to the Future
53. An Affair To Remember
54. Somewhere In Time

55. North By Northwest
56. Moulin Rouge
57. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

58. The Wizard of Oz
59. Zoolander
60. A Walk to Remember
61. Chicago
62. Vanilla Sky
63. The Sweetest Thing
64. Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead
65. The Nightmare Before Christmas
66. Chasing Amy
67. Edward Scissorhands
68. Adventures of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert
69. Muriel’s Wedding
70. Croupier
71. Blade Runner
72. Cruel Intentions
73. Ocean’s Eleven

74. Magnolia
75. Fight Club
76. Beauty and The Beast
77. Much Ado About Nothing
78. Dirty Dancing
79. Gladiator
80. Ever After
81. Braveheart
82. What Lies Beneath
83. Regarding Henry
84. The Dark Crystal
85. Star Wars
86. The Birds
87. Beaches
88. Cujo
89. Maid In Manhattan
90. Labyrinth
91. Thoroughly Modern Millie
92. His Girl Friday
93. Chocolat
94. Independence Day
95. Singing in the Rain
96. Big Fish
97. The Thomas Crown Affair
98. The Matrix
99. Stargate
100. A Hard Day’s Night
101. About A Boy
102. Jurassic Park
103. Life of Brian
104. Dune
105. Help!
106. Grease
107. Newsies
108. Gone With The Wind
109. School of Rock
110. TOMMY
111. Yellow Submarine
112. From Hell
113. Benny & Joon
114. Amelie
115. Bridget Jones’ Diary
116. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

117. Heavenly Creatures
118. All About Eve
119. The Outsiders
120. Airplane!
121. The Sorcerer
122. The Crying Game
123. Hedwig and the Angry Inch
124. Slap Her, She’s French
125. Amadeus
126. Tommy Boy
127. Aladdin
128. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
129. Snatch
130. American History X
131. Jack and Sarah
132. Monkey Bone
133. Rocky Horror Picture Show
134. Kate and Leopold
135. Interview with the Vampire
136. Underworld
137. Truly, Madly, Deeply
138. Tank Girl
139. Boondock Saints
140. Blow Dry
141. Titanic
142. Good Morning Vietnam
143. Save the Last Dance
144. Lost in Translation
145. Willow
146. Legend
147. Van Helsing
148. Troy
149. Nine Girls and a Ghost
150. A Knight’s Tale
151. Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey
152. Beetlejuice
153. E.T.
154. Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone

155. Spaceballs
156. Young Frankenstein
157. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
158. American President
159. Bad Boys
160. Pecker
161. Pink Floyd: The Wall
161. X-Men
162. Sidewalks of New York
163. The Children of Dune
164. Beyond Borders
165. Life Is Beautiful
166. Good Will Hunting
167. Run Lola Run
168. Blazing Saddles
169. Caligula
170. The Transporter
171. Better Off Dead
172. The Abyss
173. Almost Famous
174. The Red Violin
175. Contact
176. Stand and Deliver
177. Clueless
178. William Shakespeare’s Romeo+Juliet
179. Dangerous Laisions
180. I Am Sam
181. The Usual Suspects
182. U-571
183. Capricorn One
184. The Little Shop of Horrors
185. Die Hard
186. The Flamingo Kid
187. Night of the Comet
188. Point Break
189. Chatterbox
190. Secretary
191. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
192. American Beauty
193. Pulp Fiction
194. What About Bob
195. Rushmore
196. Reality Bites
197. West Side Story
198. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
199. The Last Samurai
200. My Best Friend's Wedding
201. ninja scroll
202. leon: the professional
203. the other sister
204. Four Rooms
205. Scary Movie 2
206. Princess Mononoke
207. Akira
208. Into the Woods
209. Whale Rider