ahhhhh...it was a good day yesterday. happy belated St. Patrick's Day by the way!

to break it down...
-went to class, 9am
-cube till my next class @ 12pm
-quad 101 @ 1pm
-undergrad library @ 2pm
-short quad session @ 2:30ish
-celebrated St. Patrick's Day @ legends with mah reggae fartner @ 2:45ish
-each had 3 long islands @$3.50 a piece (CHEAP).
-.-.-shar: peach, black cherry, peach
-.-.-fata: melon (green for the occassion), blue, raspberry
-had an awesome convo about anything, everything n nothing
-walked to my place for some eats prolly around 5ish...i lost track of time by then...(SORRY SHAR! i didn't know u were on the ground till i heard u yell...dude man, i was buzzing and on the phone! i can't concentrate on more than one thing at a time! ;) hehehe...)
-colored some more...but still not finished
-lessons with nurse nessa: how to put condoms on - the right way
-went to the mall to buy some shirts...ended up just buyin pants
-sharone's place to chill n get some more eats (oh yeah, me n sharone are still buzzing at this time...though we started getting headaches, too)
-watched shar's cotillion, but her n hija wanted to fast forward alot, n the video camera was kinda movin fast, so the headache got worse, so i just slept.
-woke up at 2am, no headache, wide awake...
-didn't sleep...waiting here, typing at my computer waiting for breakfast at isser to open up so i can have mahself some BISCUITS n GRAVY...yeahyeahyeah!

so that was yesterday, going into today. fun times...thanks sharone! i'm glad we're bad influences on each other! :D



so i'm at homehome right now (chicago). overall, today wasn't that great. in fact, being at home hasn't overall been great. if anything, it's half n half. how horrible is THAT to say. geez.

yesterday (friday), i celebrated unofficial st. patty's day at the UofI with my friends (jay, ading nate, anna, marlyn and andrew). it was good times! but alas, we were 3 hours behind schedule when we left for chicago (5pm departure got pushed to 8:15). i was cool with it, but i didn't know that my sisters wanted me home earlier than that...i know they were plannin on goin out, but no one told me they wanted to go out EARLY (u guys really shoulda told me). but that's cool. so jay drives me n anna home (thanks jay!), and i arrive at about 10:45ish. then me, my sisters and claudine's boy, dan, head out to some bar to meet their co-workers. too bad they left the bar already. do i feel guilt? of course. so the pouty face comes on, n i start acting like a brat or something. i dunno. but i was unhappy...already anticipating they're disappointment b4 they actually say something. i dunno, i'm on crack or something. and FUCK man, they got WHITE CASTLE after. fricken WHITE CASTLE! =/ but don't woorie, i was strong...i only had a shake (hey, if i can drink it out of a straw, it count's as a liquid). but i had no chicky cheeses, or cheese burgers =(. but that's cool. i'm stronger than i thought :)

today: ah saturday. started out pretty good...downtown chicago's st. patty's day parade on tv when i woke up...and we had an appt to try on bridesmaid dresses at 1pm...side note: nessa came by today to get her rings :) HI HIJA! so that was nice seeing her, even tho i live with the girl...hehehe...anyways, trying on dresses was depressing as it was fun. i think my sister should crop me out of pictures...seriously. especially when i'm next to claudine. that just sucks. but at least i'm not the only busty woman in the family (thanks melanie :D). anyways, that was aight. man, i don't even wanna go through the rest of the day. i'm not implying that the rest of it was horrible, but the rest isn't really worth mentioning. well, claudine made pretty good paella.

what get's me through? to know that in 7 days, i'll be somewhere else, away from corn fields, by hills and valleys, getting a tan, partying with a different crowd all the way in the west coast. cali baby. without the fam.

could it be u?
-really, wut do u want me to say? i kno u kno the answer w/out me saying it. i'm not gonna see you very often. and now it's too late. i don't mean to make u feel overly guilty, but that's the truth and deep inside u kno it too. i seriously just want u to be happy. but your just gonna have to be patient with me.
-don't woorie about me. u say u aren't, but of course, i think yur just sayin that. we already talked about this. we got each other's back. i don't like ppl pissin u guys off...at ALL.
-man i wish u weren't so busy so we could talk already! less than 5 minutes away from each other, and we can't talk...man, and when we WERE talkin, we are interupted. =/ . enough...
-i wish i was there...oh drunk freshies. oh the things i could say......
-i can't help but to try to make some sort of plan for my future not involving my career. and the way i'm goin, i'm not gonna reach my goal. crap. oh well.

aight...i'm out, gnite. better days to come.


soooooooooo...i'm wired. but imma sleep soon anyways. j ust wanted to blog a lil before i do tho...so yeah! i've been writing this paper for a REAL long time (can't tell you, but it spans for more than one month) and for the LIFE of me, i could NOT write this lil bitch! i mean, it ONLY has to be FOUR FRICKIN PAGES. ugh. MAYN. how sad! i mean, i've written other papers before it with no problem, but when i always start this paper, i just COULDN'T CONCENTRATE!!! it was really weird. what was so hard about it??? i just don't know. but i'm finally DONE with it...YES....and at FIVE pages...aren't you proud of me??? yeahyeahyeah! so know all i have to do is proofread it in the morning and email it to her by like 4pm or something. yes. i'm done with that ish. and lookie here...some of the sentences i'm double spacing due to habit of doing my paper. hahahaha...awesome. so yeah...today was a fun day tho, nonetheless.

i woke up at 10am to make myself some breakfast, pack a lunch (hard salami n cheese w/mayo on the bread and a ziplock bag of sunchips), and to make sharone some hawaiian punch and malibu for her b-day (03-06). why make her drinks? cuz gurlfriend couldn't go out for her b-day cuz of fashion show practice. so instead, she planned to go to happy hour at 2pm and i offered to make her some drinks for her to drink during practice to keep up her buzz. ANYWAYS, i went to class at 11...blahblahblah, then waited till 1:50pm to go to happy hour at murphy's! yeahyeahyeah! to keep the story short: sharon, no breakfast, ordered lunch there so she ate while she drank, and before i left, she would consume about 2 drinks, and 2 shots, with 2 shots waiting to be consumed. hahaha. man, she was drunk after one drink and one shot...but all good girl! we know that u didn't eat anything all day and that the fries were doing nothing for you ;). so that was fun times. i heard she had some more fun at practice, tho she couldn't drink my hawaiian malibues anymore :D. wish i was there!

so i got out of class at 7pm (4-7 class, had to leave happy hour at like 3:40 =/) but all good. went home to TRY to do my paper, but i technically didn't start till 9ish cuz i had to cook up some dinner. and here i am now. finished with my paper, tho i should read it over again before i send it. yeah babee. k, gnite folks.


ahhhhhh...so nuthin's been really goin on lately...i have an exam wednesday. assignment due thursday. paper due friday. am i worried? only about the exam. oh, and wut is this weekend? PSA's annual fashion show :). check out mah psa link. soorie ppl, i'm not in it this year, but of COURSE, many of my wonderfully talented friends are in it. so COME to UofI! hmmmmm...let's see...well there really isn't anything else goin on here, other than the snow melting then coming again...and now freezing rain is supposedly coming to lovely chambana. mayn! i wanna see green grass again!!! aight, enough bitchin...the world is a beautiful place, even with snow. :D

oh, and HAPPY FAT TUESDAY!!! YEAHYEAHYEAH! you know wut that means, all u roman catholics out there...no meat this wednesday, then no meat every friday till EASTER. moohahaha...so wut u givin up for lent?

-me n the roomies: no eating any meals or junk food after 9:30pm. only consumable products are liquids, fruits...maybe vegetables...but then prolly no dressing. hahaha... :)

k imma sleep...gnite and have a dope-ass fat tuesday! eat up people!!!