ok, i know i said i'd tell you about houston, but that'll have to wait. i need to vent.

tom cruise is an idiot.

i never thought i'd ever say that. SURE! i thought of his relationship with katie holmes as a whirlwind romance heading for disaster, but hey, that's cool. they're having fun. and having an opinion is cool n all, but DAYM! you don't need to get all up in someone's face on TELEVISION and be all 'you need to do your research!'

boy should get HIS head examined. hahahaha. funny. but really, he needs to take his own advice and research more. my guess is that he read all the fanatic anti-psychology stuff.

SHEESH!!! he makes me so mad. how disappointing. and i suppose it's double the fact that i graduated in psychology. at least with michael jackson, you can say the boy is definitely touched in the head. tommy's just an ass. how sad.

i never thought i'd ever dislike tommy. i can't even watch him on tv. if he's being interviewed or if i just even see his face, i just switch it. he just pisses the fuck outta me. i swear.

and don't get me wrong...i have nothing against being passionate about what you believe in. but people shouldn't be shoving it in people's faces. i honestly don't believe that he has thoroughly researched BOTH sides of the issue. he DOES have points, but he generalizes them to ALL. and we know that is definitely wrong. in a way, he's being prejudice against psychology and those who represent the field. sure! people take advantage of drugs...and there are probably some docs out there that wanna use a drug for everything. but EVERYONE DOESN'T DO THAT. now come on tommy! wake the fuck up!

i'm not seeing war of the worlds in the theaters. perhaps on dvd. rental. i need some time to cool down. hehehehe.

to end my pseudo-tirade, i'd like to say sorry to tom cruise. God knows what's planned for you in the future. karma on you tommy! i hope he opens your mind to see what's really going on in the world. and yes, i believe in God. he's my homie ;). and yes, i know karma isn't a catholic thing. ;D