that last post was a sort of outburst. but we all need that kinda thing, right? :D well, i'm gonna make this short, even tho i haven't written here in a while, 99% of it pretty old news.

~found out christine was pregnant
~workin on claudine's wedding (on 061706)
~got a job...makes me tired, but helps me lose weight oOoOo
~learned how to knit and crochet (limited to scarves, blankets and hats)
~obsessed with Supernatural on the wb
~obsessed with House on fox
~very NOT impressed with this years american idol contestants
~paula abdul needs to stop talking. unless she has something original to say. totally nothing against the lady. but cmon!
~christine had baby Benjamin Cristopher (without the 'h') earlier than expected, but VERY happy he arrived woohooooooooo!

so probably the BEST thing that has happened to my family so far (in my opinion) was the birth of the lil guy, aka: obi wan, boba fete, benji, benny, etc. he's so cuuuuuuuute!!!! :D go see christine and melanie's sites for pics. click the links on the left. i'm too lazy to do the html here. ha. ;)

but the best is yet to come! claudine and dan's nuptials! let the good times roll! :D

well, time for me to play some games. boa noite!