gettin back to things...

yes, it's 3 am. this is around my normal sleeping time. and i know a lot of you out there don't understand. i somehow made it back to my college routine, sleeping late, waking up sometime in the afternoon. i know a lot of u are prolly thinking, 'you're such a lazy ass!' well suck it :P. while i worked, i've only been late for my tita carpool like twice. maybe three times. and i was employed for like 7 mos. so if i have something to wake up for, i will. if i don't, my body doesn't really care, even if i psych myself up to wake up early. the day doesn't hold much for me...tv isn't that good during that time ;). besides, i'm borderline nocturnal.okay...well, i'll start catchin people up on wut's been goin on since april...mind you, i'll be utilizing many of my family and friend's blogs to help me remember. :D

-042404 was my last post. that night, i partied at bamboo lounge in the burbs cuz my friend came home for a visit from cali. had some calamari...very good.
-for the rest of that month, i prolly partied, and worked.
-however, i DID go to PSA formal earlier that month at uofi, 040304...good times. we (alumni) barcrawled before the formal. and then drank some more at the formal. gotta love cheap drinks!

.:MAY:. ...and the graduation parties begin...
-050104...saw RENT for the first time! AWESOME. i love it. i woulda sung along, but i didn't wanna ruin anyone's experience. hehehe. but now that i've seen it, the soundtrack i've been listening to for the past 5+ yrs makes a WHOLE lotta sense. :D
-somewhere around 051204, we went out for my cuzin, marian's natal day...some tapas place...i fergot...we got pretty happy :D. and we tried prank calling claudine who was in des moines at the time...but that didn't work out well. ;)
-052104...needless to say, i wasn't looking forward to this. not that i was getting older, but i knew that 112203-112204 was going to be filled with a whole lot of 'firsts.' it was my first natal day without my mother waking me up with 'happy birthday, baby.' well, sometime before this, me and the cousins went to cafe iberico to celebrate my 2 dozen years. yay. but i DO love iberico, and it's always fun chillin with the cuzins.
-on that day, my 'anak' had her graduation party. good times! and they even gave me a lil surprise! they made me sit on a chair in the middle of the dance floor while everyone (our friends and her family) sang happy b-day to me. how sweet :) of course i was fighting to hold back the tears, cuz who wants to be the drunk crying girl? hehehehehe.
-052704-christine wasn't in town for her natal day...she spent it with strangers...:( soorie sisterfriend. next year will be different ;)
-052904-combo grad party at tini martini. of course, we drink. :D
...alright...i'll call it a nite for now.

.:JUNE:. ...i'm back!
-mmmmm...i'm trying to remember, but i don't know what happened this month. i'd like to say that my hija's grad party was this month, but that's inconclusive. hehehe. well, i'll talk about her party anyways. it was a semiformal, so i had to wear a dress. yay. it WAS fun tho. we (all our friends) got a lil tipsy on white wine...chardonay or pinot grigio. or both. aw yeah. dancing was fun, but we mostly just hung out and talked. the more i think about this time, the more i think it was earlier in may. but then again, i have terrible memory functions.
-oh wait! christine and dave moved back to illinois.

-0616-1804...went to stalouis (st. louis) with abby, juvy, pj and sha to visit john and twan. good times! somethings i remember: playing pacman at the botanical garden, seeing the HUGE-ASS coy (gold fish thingies) at the garden's lake, smokin kahlua cigars on twan's bldg's rooftop, drinkin first thing in the morning...just good times.
-mid/end-july, some of my friends from cali visited! in truth, i've adopted them as my friends...they were 'friends-in-law' ...a new term i've picked up... friends of a friend. but i think we passed the whole friends-in-law thing...so that's good :). so carla and missy come to town (with jayrey of course) and i hung out with them a couple times...i think i went out like 3 times while they were here. but i kinda feel bad...i was working at the time, so i couldn't hang out during the day...plus i was kinda a downer for obvious reasons. HOWEVER: they always make me laugh. i love their sarcasm. and i'm not being sarcastic ;). being a part of their vacation was real good for me...i don't have many out of town friends, so it was refreshing hanging out with different people. it felt good getting drunk again...even tho i was on allergy meds. oops ;). don't worry, i didn't experience any of the side effects. hehehe. so i hope they come again to chicago. and i hope they bring krystal next time :D.

.:AUGUST:. ...and then there was 1...
-0813-1504...comicon! it wasn't quite the same tho. christine had to miss the 1st day, and i just wasn't feelin it this year. but i DID see she-ra. she was one of my faves!
-081404...woulda been my mom's 61st bday. we went to bob chinns...her fave. i paid. oOoOo...with help of a coupon moooooohahaha :)
-082104ish...claudine's bday as well as the block party. it was VERY interesting...our block is was always predominantly elderly, but young families have been inching in. so it was nice gettin to party with the neighbors...we've all come a long way. and people love karaoke...even if they're shy about it.
-christine and dave move into their new home! complete with stereo systems in 3 main rooms (main bedroom, living room and basement), bar w/tap and fridge for mini keg, fishtank built into the wall (with fish waiting to be fed!), and my favorite thing: the pool table. sure it may not be regulation size, but it's good enough for me!
-0827-2904-cuzin bonding time...sorda. it was tough tryin to get all of us together at once, but it's all good. it was alot of doin lil stuff together...watchin a movie at hollywood theater where u can drink alcohol and eat, having fondue, goin to the field museum, and chillin at navy pier. i think one of the highlights was goin through that fun house at navy pier. shits n giggles, man. :D
-083004...you may be wondering about the title for this month. well that's my theme now, because on this day, dan proposed to claudine in vegas! :) yay sisterfriend! but alas...and then there was 1. me. hehehe. ;) don't hold your breath people.
-and to complete this month, i'd like to tell you about my "termination of employment due to acquisition," aka my-company-was-bought-out-and-i-was-expendible, aka i-was-downsized. that's my favorite one. woohoo! :P

.:SEPTEMBER:. ...birthday bashes...
-labor day wkd. toronto. me, liss, juvy, sha, twan. spur of the moment kinda thing...go team america! hahaha. team canada was alright tho. all i can say about the party scene there is that i'm glad the clubs there play a large portion of dance hall/reggae stuff. i'm in love with reggae. aw yeah.
-so, alot of my friends have their bdays this month. so most of them had a big september baby bday bash at funky buddha. a good ole drunken time ;)
-092004...my dad's bday/surgury. yes, he had surgery on his bday. and yes, he's fine. :D

-101004...christopher reeve, aka superman, died. i was really distraught when i heard this. he was like the ultimate hero. even tho he wasn't really superman (i'm crazy, not delusional), christopher reeve still stood for strength and honor. he didn't give up after his accident...he was determined to live. he'll always be my superman :).
-102304...trully n irio had a pumpkin carving gathering at their place. i think this was their first cousin party at their new home. it's looks great! and i love their puppy, caleb. he's the son of the 2 boxers they owned when they lived in brazil. anyhoo, i haven't carved a pumpkin in a loooooooong time, and it was so much fun. everyone was into it...it was so cute cuz we were all concentrating so hard! hahahaaha...hilarious.
-christine n dave threw a lil halloween party...but pretty much only the cousins dressed up. all good! even tho we were acting crazy, we weren't drunk! see? i can do it. :D. we all tried on different things, but marilyn went crazy with trying on pretty much everything. weirdo. hehehe ;).

-110704...terrible twos! jillian turns 2! man. she's a riot. i don't think i've seen a great actress in our family since christine. HAHAHAHAA. she's gooooood man. ;)
-111304...lil girl thara and ryne had their 21st bday bash at funky buddha. it was nice gettin the younger people drunk. but it still feels weird that the youngins are all turning 21...that means, in about 6 mos, i'll be turning 25. sorry to all the people reading this out there that are lying to themselves about my age. hehehehe. :) and yes, i did get slightly drunk, but BEFORE we got to the clubs. so i didn't have to pay $30 open bar for 2 hours. we (abby, me, juvy, sha, paul and topher) just got drunk at abby's place before goin to the clubs. aw yeah.
-112004...melanie's natal day! 30 n still lookin good. good thing asians age well, right??? yeaaaaaaaah! her friends threw her a surprise party at improv kitchen (funny place) and then we headed out to darkroom. i couldn't drink. i was on cold medicine. melanie drank, but alas, she didn't get wasted. dammit. ;)
-112104...my mom's 1st yr death anniversary party. her real anniv was the next day. it was...weird. i dunno. it was nice seeing people i haven't seen in a long time, but it was comforting having my cousins there. later that night, me, melanie and marilyn went to trully n irio's for some slave labor. we decorated about 35 of her clear christmas balls. THAT was interesting. we all went kinda loopy. hahahaha :)
-112504...thanksgiving! too much food. good times with the cuzins. :)
-112704...trimming the tree at trully n irio's! a cuzin tradition of more slave labor. just kidding :). this year, the adults came for a lil while. it was weird, but nice. it was like, it's nice co-existing with the p's n lola's, but we kinda wanted to get our party on, and we don't wanna scare them. hehehe. we did however started drinking some red wine as soon as we got there. irio made some delicious mediterranean/brazilian food, like this raw ground beef dish that was awesome. you know how i like my raw meat. :D. and THEN, he made some spiced wine with cheap wine (the cheaper the better, he says). he boiled it up, added cloves, brazilian sugar cane n other stuff, and served it to us hot. oh, and he topped it with a whipped egg n sugar mix. it was one of the BEST wine mixtures i've ever tasted. after that was moemoe's bday party! liss n paul picked me up from TnI's place. and yes, i was quite toasty. *wainkwaink* it was good seeing friends again, and also some people that i haven't seen in quite a while, like romel and gemma (my bday twin!)

SO. that was nice and long. that's a nice recap of what has happened since april. and if i've forgotten something, sorry. it's been a while, and as i've said before, my memory is terrible. i've got problems. heheheh ;).

soon to come: lists that i've missed. :D

over n out!


...i give...

alright. i give in. kinda.

this is my pre-post...i'll be writing my actual post over the next couple days...hopefully something will be written (for whoever still reads this) in a week.

thanks to those who nag and plead for me to frickin write something already...hehehe... ;)

see, i was planning on waiting for a year to write something, but hey, i guess people need a lil sumthin extra to read. :D

alrighty...you'll hear from me soon....