thanks fer the love ppl :) ...alrighty! lemme keep this short and sweet...TWENTY TWO DAYS till i go on VACATION!!! hehehehe...

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just know, everything happens for a reason whether by God's will or through the choices we've made. and that's how i'll start out.

mafa weekend was awesome. it was a good conference to end my conference experiences, cuz God knows i prolly won't be goin to any more of them. there were 6 cars that left friday, all leaving at different times. i was in sharone's car-o-fun for the whole weekend, with jay, nessa and thara. we left later than the majority of the group. so we drove nonstop to columbus fer about 4.5 hours. it was SOOOOOOOOOOO fun! too bad we didn't have the video camera at the time! we were singin to all these great new wave songs (bad boys blue, miguel reyes, erasure...)...but the highlight of the ride was callin up juvy in tin's car...and we all busted out "I'm Still in Love with Juvs [you]" for juvy, but homegurl just hung up on us after like 20 seconds! and when we call back, jonjon said she was sleepin! ugh! hehehe...all good tho. later, juvy told us that all she heard was a lot of noise. MAYN! well at least we sung our hearts out to her hahahaha. :) to keep this relatively short, we got in at about 9:30ish (columbus time), ppl played in the tournaments (b-ball & v-ball), got to our lovely motel that thankfully had a sidedoor, got ready and went to a house party that was PACKED. and you know how i feel about crowds. now if i was drunk or buzzed, it wouldn't matter, but YEAH i was gettin pissed off. but i decided to get with it and drink...thanks for getting it brutha mayn! so i had a good time dancin and drinkin. only buzzed tho, so don't woorie. saturday were the workshops...props to osu, they brought in some tite speakers. melissa howard from real world new orleans was there. i didn't go to her workshop tho, cuz i knew that everyone n their mamas would be in there. but yeah! it was good! minus the downpour of rain, but at least i wasn't in it. after the v-show (props to all the performers...good job!), we all went home to get ready, when i notice we have one more person! marlo came! :) so now there was 28 of us, 7 cars. so we preset...and i drank a beer, had some wine, and then i had to chug a whole bottle of beer cuz everyone was already walkin out the door...hehehe. the club where the party was at, redzone, was dope, but kinda far...hahaha...well anyways, i got drunk, but not wasted, mind you. :) i had a real great time. i danced with like 3 guys from 3 other schools, and i didn't know one of them. hahahahaha...GOOD TIMES...i recommend to all the drinkers out there to have a jaeger bomb (drop a shot of jaegarmeister into a cup of redbull). it's SOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD. seriously. hehehe. i was good for the nite. and i had a whole lotta fun. lemme tell you, there were some dope ass quotes at good ol' mafa...but before i give some of sharone's best quotes of the weekend, just be wary of ms. delatorre. she's a cockblock!!! ;) yeahyeahyeah!

-it won't fit in the hole!
-pj, just pull it out.
-i know how to put it in! i know how to put it in!
-jay, i don't care. you're like one of my best friends...you're like one of my brothers.
-you wanna see it, go right ahead
-my shirt was over my ... area

::miscellaneous MAFA quotes::
-i saw sharon's full leg! -jay
-the no-no zone -nessa and thara
-i'm salivating -nessa
-fuckin' thara -nessa
-it's a puppy...mmmhahahaha -ading jerome

so sunday...we woke up at around 9/9:30 so we could all get outta there by 11 for check out. plus, we all decided that we'd go to the farewell thingy. so we stopped by fer an hour, said our goodbyes, and took one last group pic, then left at around noon. john left earlier than the rest of us, so joe led, followed by sharone's car, paolo, pj, tin and marlo. the car ride was goin real well...we were doin about 80 down the left lane of a 3 lane highway, and it was sunny out and the roads were clear. then all of the sudden out of nowhere, joe's car started kickin back snow into sharone's windshield...it seriously looked like a frickin blizzard. then we noticed that there was alot of snow on the ground...and sharone was having a tough time tryin to get control of the car...but the snow underneath was just too much...... the last thing i saw was the snow coming at the windshield...then i closed my eyes, as i thought "FUCK." the last thing i remember hearing was sharone, apologizing for not being able to take control of the car. if there was music playing, i didn't hear it...not that there was any deafening noise, but there was only excruciating silence. that was the worst silence i've heard in my life. i heard nothing, saw nothing, thought nothing... i could only feel... feel the car spinning what i would later learn was about 540 degrees... feel the car being flung backward... feel us slide down into the ditch backwards to a stop... feel my heart beat again... it happened so fast, yet agonizingly slow at the same time. but i never thought of a single thing during that whole time. i didn't think of the "what if's", i didn't think of who would be angry or upset, i didn't think or realize that we weren't colliding into any other cars, or into the cement median, i even lost the fact that there were four other people in the car with me. i was in a world all by myself, not even waiting for everything to end. all i could do was feel ever instant of it at that moment and nothing else. and then we stopped. i think i was the first to say anything. and all i said was "everyone get out of the car." not 'is everyone ok?' or 'is anyone hurt?' or 'what the fuck was that?!?!?'...all i know is that i needed to get out of the car, and i needed a light. what an asshole i was. i noticed, though i didn't pay attention, that all 7 cars were together again. apparently we caught up with john's car. but all i knew was that i needed to get away from everyone, or the water works would start flowin. one of my first non-instinctual thoughts was "thank God for Sharon." tru dat. Thank God for her and her courageous lil champagne camry. i honestly didn't want to be around anyone for a lil while. i needed to get it together and calm the fuck down. i already started to wipe away the tears from my eyes. then nik came up to me and asked, "Ate, are you ok?" dang. that was it. every time someone came up to me to see if i was ok and gave me a hug, i started bawling. to make a REAL long story short, po-po came rollin by and got us a tow truck that would arrive quicker than the towing company henson called, who said they'll be there in TWO HOURS. fuckers. but the thing that pissed me off the most was that five minutes later, a plow truck came rollin by and plowed the left lane. fuckers. tow truck came, then we went to steak n shake to get relax and eat a lil. that's when i found out that pj did a 180 after we spun out. fuck mayn. well, steak n shake was still good times tho...chattin in the booth with liss, chris cads n thara...then ness joined us later. then me n thara rode in paolo's car the rest of the time with liss and ryne...and no offense to you awesome people, but i really just wanted to be with nessa, sharone and jay. i don't really know why, but i just did. that's prolly why i slept tho. it passes time. and that's prolly why i'd rather sleep right now.

i'm not as tough as i make myself to be

i'm sure many of you do know that. if anything, you all humor me by acting like you are scared of me. but really, i'm not. i'm sure i can be, but i know that i'm not. i swear, i haven't cried so much over such a long period of time...and it's only tuesday. don't take this wrong, but i'm scared to see mafa peeps. i'm afraid that i just might fly into your arms and start crying. just bawl my eyes out. shoot, that's why i didn't go to class today, my eyes are too daym puffy and i'm too embarrassed to walk out the door. but yah...i honestly love my mafa peeps...you guys are the best. the love and concern i felt that day was amazing. the warmth from each hug was heartbreakingly comforting...and i'm not talkin about that it was cold outside and i was cold. shit, i didn't even feel the cold. i didn't even want to sit inside the car when the cop told us too. i just needed to stand outside...even just sit outside in the snow. and breath. feel each breath escape and come back to me. feel the smoke move in my lungs. feel the sting of my weather cold tears on my face. feel the wind...just feel everything.

obviously i have a new appreciation of life

i didn't really want to think anymore sunday nite, even monday. but i had a good talk...and a good cry again. hehehe. but she helped me to realize things i already knew. she made me realize that i just wanted to call up almost everyone that has come in and out of my life and tell them that for that time, i truly did love them as my friend. and heck, i may still even today. i realized that i truly wish i could tell my parents and apologize for being a complete ass about not telling them i went. that was the second thing i thought of...how ashamed i was not to tell my parents...and how selfish i would be to just leave them without saying goodbye...and how devastated and depressed they would be if something would have happened. MAYN. but no matter how i feel, i know i can't tell them. my parents have been through a lot already, and they don't need this. besides, i don't think they'd understand the things i need to do...that i need to be happy, and i'm happy here wut i'm doing. but that doesn't mean that it kills me not to share. all i know is that we're all lucky lil bitches.

this was my hs song...and as i heard it while riding in paolo's car, i was thinking of all of the people that have gone in and out all through my life...especially the friends that i've lost touch with from high school. for now, it goes out to all the peeps that came to mafa...ahds, tin, juvs, johnboy, paul, pj, anak, bata, ading jerome, topher, henson, melissa, joe, nik, paolo, marlo, juanjuan, blur, ryne, alex, chris cads, christine, annabelle: thank you all so much.

..:sharone:.. you're my hero. that's all i can really say, cuz i can't find any of the words anymore...thank you for you. :)
..:jota:.. you're such a funny and great guy...i hope you know that and hold on to that. thanks for listening to me when i needed to talk about stuff... :)
..:hija:..oh ness...thank you for being strong in front of me. i'ze gotz luv fer mah homegurl! ;)
..:lil girl:..darling ko, my little girl...who would have thought i'd be so close to a freshie. but here we are...and i care for you as much as, or even more than the friends i've made here 4 years ago. just know that, i will be there for you.

james taylor - you've got a friend
When you're down and troubled
and you need a helping hand
and nothing, whoa nothing is going right.
Close your eyes and think of me
and soon I will be there
to brighten up even your darkest nights.

You just call out my name,
and you know whereever I am
I'll come running, oh yeah baby
to see you again.
Winter, spring, summer, or fall,
all you have to do is call
and I'll be there, yeah, yeah, yeah.
You've got a friend.

If the sky above you
should turn dark and full of clouds
and that old north wind should begin to blow
Keep your head together and call my name out loud
and soon I will be knocking upon your door.
You just call out my name and you know where ever I am
I'll come running to see you again.
Winter, spring, summer or fall
all you got to do is call
and I'll be there, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Hey, ain't it good to know that you've got a friend?
People can be so cold.
They'll hurt you and desert you.
Well they'll take your soul if you let them.
Oh yeah, but don't you let them.

You just call out my name and you know wherever I am
I'll come running to see you again.
Oh babe, don't you know that,
Winter spring summer or fall,
Hey now, all you've got to do is call.
Lord, I'll be there, yes I will.
You've got a friend.
You've got a friend.
Ain't it good to know you've got a friend.
Ain't it good to know you've got a friend.
You've got a friend.

so everything happens for a reason. i don't know wut it could be...i can only imagine...make up my own lil scenarios that ease my mind. it could be anything, everything and nothing. and that's fine. i know i'll be thinking about this for a while, but that's ok. i can live with that. fair trade-off, right? and soon, i'll be calling people just to hear their voices, laughing a lot more wholeheartedly, and crying more deeply. but that's ok. i don't mind it one bit. and I DO NOT REGRET any one thing that has happened this past weekend. i'll treasure every second of every moment.

it took me about 2.5 days to write this...to finish it...to get the balls to post/publish this. maybe subconsciously i've been putting it off, but prolly added to that, i knew that i wanted to say a hell of a lot more, but i can't put it into words anymore. well isn't that funny...this things fuckin long as hell...hehehe. hey, if you read this all, thanks. and i'll talk to you soon. :)



first of all, HAPPY NATAL DAY LISS!!!

second of all, i received this email today...and instead of forwarding it, i decided to post it here. quite interesting.


This sign was prominently displayed in the window of a business in Philadelphia. You are probably outraged at the thought of such an inflammatory statement. One would think that anti-hate groups from all across the country would be marching on this business... And that the National Guard might have to be called to keep the angry crowds back. But, perhaps in these stressful times one might be tempted to let the proprietors simply make their statement . . . We are a society who holds Freedom of Speech as perhaps our greatest liberty . . . And after all, it is just a sign. You may ask what kind of business would dare post such a sign?
A Funeral Home (Who said morticians had no sense of humor?)

quirky, huh =D. sure, this is a pretty funny email, but i honestly think that people just need to calm the fuck down. i mean, if everyone just calmed the fuck down, there wouldn't be wars. people need to find better things to do with their time like finding ways to increase their country's food production instead of starting wars to blow up people and decrease their population. fuckers. i mean, if people could just concentrate on how to make everything survive, this world would be a lot better. and you know wut? people need to think about the future: the rate we're goin, if people don't find ways to help out the earth, the thing's gonna explode or something. the weather ain't crazy for no reason. ppl just need to stop being so stupid and start helping each other out...if everyone would just work together, that would be a great start to saving the earth, saving the animals, saving ourselves, and pretty much saving life itself on our planet. next thing you know, fuckin aliens are gonna attack and wut are we doing??? we're too fuckin busy fighting each other than quickly advancing our technology to deal with new problems. yah i know, i'm cheesy, but dude, i'm right. u know it. ;)


it's been so long...but last week was a real bitch =/. i had 3 exams...wed/thurs/fri. not fun. i didn't go to wine nite last tuesday cuz i was studying from monday thru thursday. i shoulda studied on sunday, but i was feelin so ehhhhh...and procrastination fits me well. but not today. gonna workout, shower, study, watch miracles, study, workout, then either study or sleep. oh, i have an exam on thursday this week.

so not much happened last week. friday was surprising...tho i still greatly dislike that day. the best v-day i had was when me n cathy renamed it FID and got drunk :). those were the days...so anyways, i went home fer the weekend to 1: help my sis with wutever she needs with the wedding, 2: get my paycheck, and 3: ask my parents if i can go to cali for spring break. eek. first 2, easy. last one, not so much.

so nessa and i leave on friday. oh and we left the apt to a bunch of freshies (steph, jill, jenny, babsie, jonjon, blair, ryne, rodel) with thara as the gatekeeper. dude, she practically lives at our place, might as well give her a lil responsibility ;). anyways, me and nessa get back at around 8 (christine was the only one home), ate some sinigang, watched a lil shrek, then nessa left to chill with her homies or something. me, i did nothing. laundry. chatted. woohoo. christine by this time was with kuya dave, celebrating the 'joy' and 'romance' of that day. yay.

saturday was better. in the afternoon, i watched daredevil with my hs friend, matt, cuz he worked from 4-11, so we figured we should do something during the day. the movie was aight. thank God matt's hilarious...in that odd highly sarcastic way. he loves bullseye. he's matt's idol. matt wants to be like him...matt said that bullseye's got it down. he summed up all of life into throwing things right where he wants and aims them (well, maybe not when it comes to daredevil...hehehe). so that was a good time. oh and the dollar menu at mcd's is good :D. we went there after cuz we were HUNGRATION. my tummy was even growling at the theater. so i come home, watch some speedskating with the sis, then i dunno...watched cool runnings for a lil, went online...then woke up christine from her nap. then at about 7 or so, we watched CHICAGO. mayn, AWESOME movie. makes me wanna see the musical even more than before. btw, i L-O-V-E musicals. musicals are the HSIT! hehehe...anyways, catherine zeta jones was dope! and renee zelwegger was pretty tight too. well overall the entire cast was tight. i'd see it again! :) so we come home, then we go to transit, me, christine and kuya dave. that was aight half the time. the 1st half was better, but then i just didn't feel like dancin anymore...towards the end, i wasn't really diggin the music anyways. but don't woorie sisterfriend, i did have fun being with u :). then. my favorite part of the evening, white castle. mmmmmmmmmmmmhm. it's the best. i'd definitely pick wc over mcd's any day. even during the day. i'm serious. all i need is the chicken cheese and the cheese burger. anything else is optional. :)

sunday. eek. church with the sister, since the rents went saturday, then packing. also i had to ask. that was a trip. but to make a long story short, asked mom: go ask your dad. asked dad: go ask your mom. asked mom: 20 questions, yes, but you have to graduate. well YEAH. geez. but the highlight of the conversation was talkin to mom:

mom> "who's jay?"
fata> "you know, he's the one that drove me home from school a couple times..."
mom> "oh...is he the capampangan one?" (a dialect in the philippines)
fata> *yesssss* "yeah mommy, he's capampangan."

score! see, you gotta get that relation thing goin...parents like that :D. see, we're capampangan, so it's sooooooooooooo helps that he is, too. so i'm goin to cali! woohoo!

k, now nessa picks me up to go to school. we're makin GOOD time. THEN, about 10 minutes after passing up the midway point, nessa's horn starts honkin by itself...and i thought nessa leaned on it by accident, but she didn't. we thought that was really weird. then all of the sudden, her horn starts BLARIN. crap. it was just really annoying. so we're driving, with the car intermittently honkin, honkin when it feels like it. we pull over to the shoulder to see if it'll stop when she turns off the engine, but it doesn't, and we just decide that we'll just get to school and get it checked out. so we're drivin and we pass up the adult sign and the last rest stop when the MALFUNCTION INDICATOR LIGHT GOES ON. so we're freakin out, and we pull over...we call a crap load of people, and we at last find that sharone is with karishma about 20 minutes behind us. so they pull over behind us, and we're still makin calls askin ppl wut to do. pj called, and he told us that if the engine still works, then drive carefully to school and get it checked out asap. also, nessa's dad said to tell one of our guy friends to disconnect the battery to make the honking stop (which it still was intermittently doin while the engine was off). so sharon decides to follow us while we drive w/the hazards on...we get into champaign, and i found out today that ppl were flickin us off cuz muthafuckers thought we were honkin at them. self-centered bastards. if they'd check, they'd see our fuckin HAZARDS were on. geez. so we get home with the horn still blarin, and joe comes over to disconnect it, since none of our OTHER guy friends down here know how to do it. geez. ppl came out onto their balconies just to see wut the hell was goin on. one guy (apt. #10) thought that the horn was air raid sirens (hahaha) and came outside to see wut was goin on. he was nice tho...he lent us a flashlight, cuz we don't have any. =/. so joe disconnected it and all nessa has to do is reconnect it when she wants to drive, then she has to bring the car to a dealership to get it checked out.

we were so upset...but of course her more than i. but when we got into our apt, we were pleasantly surprised. so i told ya that the freshies stayed at our place, right? well they decorated our other wall with drawins of their hands with their names. they're so cute! plus, they all colored a pic from one of the coloring books and hung it on the other wall like they're supposed to ;). then later on, at like 11, i hung out with carla and jay, since carla was visiting from cali (woohoo!). it was good times! me, carla, jay, manny, nate and joe ended up watchin boondock saints (i've seen it b4...mata introduced it to me). it's a good movie! i recommend for all of you to rent it and or buy it. PLUS they're haht. as u can see to the left, i have 3 new behbehs, the latter 2 being the main actors of the movie.

ok, so i think i'll stop here. i just had school today, which sucked cuz i got an exam back. ugh. but i gotta move on. cuz i'll do better. so i hope you were entertained. and sorry if it's so long, SHARONE. ;)

oh and btw, i'm sick of seeing michael jackson on tv. because of his 'special' on abc, my fuckin show wasn't on. don't get me wrong, i love his music...just not to crazy about seein him all over the place...especially when my SHOW (miracles) is supposed to be on RIGHT NOW. ugh.


pretty good wkd. as u may know, i don't have a real good memory...sometimes i can't even remember wut i had fer dinner the nite b4, but here we go anyways...

didn't do much during the day, but i started cookin lunch/dinner early...i made that chicken and mushroom soup stuff on the label...daym that was good. cut up some chicky thighs into bite size pieces, sauteed some garlic n onions, then put in the chicky pieces...cooked em nice n good...then added my mushroom soup (family size...gotta feed the roomies)...then simmered it for about a good 20 minutes or something. MAN it was good. even thara liked it (who isn't very fond of mushrooms...forgive her, she can't help it ;)). just eat it with some rice (sticky rice, not uncle ben's) and your set. man. mmmmmmmhmmmmm! we went to the mall at about 3 or something, and i bought myself some 8 dollar cords and some other stuff. btw, i feel like i'm the only girl who dislikes shopping. i think it may be the crowds...hahaha. k anyways, culture shock was that nite. it's like this big cultural fest held by one of the school boards. cultural groups perform, and they also have free food (cultural variety of course). well i didn't eat cuz i was full from my delicious creation. anyways, psa was performing the dance (singkil) that romel and i choreographed for psa's filipino conference back in november. can i tell you, this dance is hot. i mean HAHT. man romel, we did a kickass bomb diggity job yo. hahaha. but seriously people, if you want to see the video of it from the conference, i got a copy. breathtakingly beautiful i tell ya. anyhoo, my kiddies performed it again for this show, and we were the FINALE. DANG YO, the FINALE. of course we were! it's a HAHT dance! singkil is a beautiful dance in itself, and we just enhanced the factor. and man, these boys and girls worked so hard to make it that way. i'm surprised that they don't hate me from the way that i treated them. since i love singkil so much, i was really hard on them while i taught. i wanted it to be perfect (props to my friend leslie who taught me so well). anyways, they performed at like 11, and the dance was like 10/15 minutes long. by the time we got out, most of us didn't feel like goin out out, but wanted to drink somewhere. so one of our friends, joe, kindly volunteered his abode. good times, tho i feel real old when alot of the freshies are together. i swear, school is the only place where i feel real old, and i'm only what, 22? ick. so i only buzzed that nite cuz i didn't feel like gettin drunk, but of course i did a good amount of dancing, even tho i wanted to dance more. not many people like dancing anymore i guess...but if cathy was there with me, i bet we'd prolly be dance all the daym time...but she's back at homehome :(. later in the evening, or shall i say earlier in the morning, we went to get stacks. yum :). and then of course, everyone went home and passed out.

nothing new during the day. me n hija said we'd clean, but eh. that didn't happen. just another chill day. at nite, we decided to see that new movie, how to lose a guy in ten days. man, matthew mcconaughey is HAHT. and kate hudson is a cutie. but i think i liked her better in almost famous (good movie). tangent! another good movie is boondock saints, but my roomie didn't wanna watch it when it was on tv cuz she's never seen it before, and it was already like 10 minutes into the movie. anyways, i thought just a bunch of the girls were gonna watch it, but it ended up being like 8 girls and 3 guys, with 4 of our other friends (1 girl, 3 guys) watching shanghai knights at the same time. anyways, i liked the movie...it was aight. a good girly movie :). but according to henson, the best chick flick is my best friend's wedding. hahahaha. well anyways, after that, people still wanted to drink, but we couldn't go to the bars cuz it was 12:30, and last call is like at 12:40ish, and the bars close here at 1, so it wouldn't be worth it. so we hung out at shuvy's (sharon and juvy's) place. people drank anyways cuz joe brought over some leftovers. i didn't drink, but my hija got pretty lit. 5 of them were playin quarters (nessa, rachel, jerome, jonjon and joe) and they each had at least 4 beers a piece when they finished playing. but they picked on nessa alot...that's why she was lit...hehehe...man, she types some funny 'hsit' when she's 'durnk.' hahahahaha...well, i didn't drink. the rest of us just watched 2 can play at that game (good movie as well).

well, that was today, but not technically. nothing new of course during the day, but we cleaned today! oh how i love the smell of pine sol...so, how do you say, ...clean. hehe. i may not be the neatest person in the world, but i believe that when i clean, i CLEAN. all accept my room that i share with my sister...i'd like to think that we had separate rooms, they'd be tidy. but since we share, there's a difference in opinion i guess...we just get mad at each other while we clean (right claudine???). after that, we watched the oblongs, but we saw it already...so it wasn't that exciting. well, during this time, they were reading too. i kinda just chilled. eh. so at around 11, me and thara did winsor/pilates! yeahyeah! fun times...i think we're gonna do it twice a day now...at least the 20 minute in the afternoon, and the sculpting stuff in the evening. whoa, i hope i don't break myself.

well, that's pretty much everything. anything else i guess you don't need to know ;). k gnite folks!


wine nite was tuesday nite. people got WASTED. but not me :). i was sober girl :D. i dunno...i didn't feel like drinking, seeing as how i have a 9am every wednesday now...but it's ok. i don't think i should be drinking during the week anymore. proud, huh ;). little girl passed out on my bed. supposedly, she doesn't really remember why she passed out on my bed, but she thinks it may have to do with the fact that she wanted to lay down, but nessa was readin on the couch...hehehe...all good. so i got the couch last nite...i actually kinda miss passin out on there!

yesterday (wednesday) was the usual...kinda eh, kinda good. i got to talk to christine later in the evening, who is in salt lake city enjoying herself without me and claudine =(. but wut can ya do. she said she'll update me on wut's goin on, but i doubt she'll have any time to talk with me...but that's cool. i know my sister's busy. a busy and highly protective older sister. which i guess is pretty cool. i guess. ;)

aight. i think i'm thrilling u TOO much with my high speed exciting life. hopefully today will be better. i'm out.


::random thoughts::
*~the british don't say vitamins as "veye-tuh-mins," rather they say "vih-tuh-mins." hahaha...just thought i'd share.
*~scurvy (the vitamin deficiency) sounds like a word pirates made up...can't u imagine??? "i'ze got scurvy! harharhar!"
*~holla to mah girl carla! hopefully i'll see u in march!!! ;)

::convo of the day::
thara: "waitwaitwait...hold on...let me regroup myself."
fata: "what, like there's a legion of you in there?"

alright, so i've heard of that regrouping self things, but i haven't heard it in a while...so at the moment it made sense for me to say that. :D

fun times guys, fun times. but too bad i wasted my day...i was so tired. my nap turned into wut could be someone's nite of good sleep. :/ i dunno wut's wrong with me, but eh. but i have to wake up in like 5 hrs again, so i'm just gonna keep this one short. i just wanted to share lil random things. hahaha...man i make myself laugh. i luv it!!! hahaha! ;)



just so my roomie knows. but dude! she keeps callin me her cuz's name! hahahaha...jp i luv her... :)

now i gotta give ya the skinny on the past couple days...

well, i did go to wine nite on tuesday fer a lil after goin to a friend's natal day dinner. that was almost annoying...wine nite i mean... well u know how i feel about annoying crowds...and it was PACKED that nite. all good tho...ppl kept it interesting i guess ;).

and i feel old here. i mean, i know i'm still young, but when all the freshies get together, man. i feel so old. ew.

i just hung out and watched american idol!!! that was hilarious. :) ok, let's just talk about this fer a lil. i mean, i hope they PAY people to go on that show. cuz if they aren't gettin paid, there are ppl that are LYIN to some of the peeps who auditioned. i mean, after seeing last year's auditions, wouldn't people take into account that they SUCK? mayn, i know i'm not the best singer out there, but PLEASE PEOPLE. take a step back, and HEAR yourselves. and there are some FUCKED up people out there...just take the criticism and leave. don't fight the shit outta it. say your 2cents and leave. some people just need to calm the fuck down. seriously. hehehe.

a day of...GUESS??? nuthin! yeah! some ppl went out, but i just decided to stay home and clean up b4 i left fer home...

went home after class!!! yeahyeahyeah! the car ride with the roomies was fun...played a nice game...hahaha...so i get homehome at like 7:30 to an empty house (excluding luscious and ewok), and i get an im and a call from romel and pj sayin that i should go out. so why the heck not. i wasn't expecting to drink anyways...just enjoy the company of mah friends. so me, romel, pj, joel and romel's cuzins go to blue star and have a WONDERFUL time...did 2 bombs and had 2 other drinks...and i was SET. then we move onto glow fer a party and me romel n pj did a shot of golshlogger (sp???) so that was FABULOUS. hahahaha...i was drunk, tho i think i told ppl that i was just buzzing. at least i wasn't WAY drunk. :) and i don't think i should talk to ppl on the phone while i'm drunk either...cuz i don't really remember half of the conversation...hahaha...then of course we went to china town fer some eats...yumyumyum...had my usual beef s/chinese broccoli. :) i got home at like 5am...hehe. geez. but good times!

good quotes from friday:
'I would do Aladdin.'
'I'd bone John Smith. He's hot.'
'K, u have a choice: the Beast, or the Beast as the Prince. pick one.'

an incomplete feliciano/estacio dinner, followed by stars on ice! woohoo! but that was a big surprise cuz i just found out on friday i was goin. claudine shoulda been there tho...she likes that stuff a WHOLE lot more than me...plus she appreciates it more. there was a lotta cute stuff, like the all boy skate portion...hahaha. anyways, after that was a lil sister-naptime-bonding period. followed by real sleep.

mass and a baptism! woohoo! dude, it was fricken baby fest up in the church...everybody's got a lil kid er something...it was so cute tho...oh and it was like a filipino invasion up at the church. 3 babies gettin baptized, which means there were 3 families there. mayn, our family was the other 2 families put together. we rocked the left side of the church...hehehe. after the baptism was LUNCH. awwwwwwwwww yeah...we were so hungry...and we were fed very well too...mmmmmmmmmm...lotsa fun times jokin around with the fam :)

but now i'm back at school. :( and i wanna go home. just for sheer hangin out with my sisters. don't tell them tho...don't want them to get big heads er nuthin. ;)

so yah...i have to wake up in like 4 hours. hooyah. gnite peeps.