aight...so nuthin new in chambana...i went shoppin...first to walmart with sharone, juvs and jay, then to sams club...such a dangerous place for me...very...i mean, i could go crazy shopping there! bulk food for a low price!!! the later on at nite, like at 11pm, me n the roomies went to get groceries...but i didn't see the purple dinosaur to ride. :( i like goin to the groceries after 9...man, it's so packed during the day! and i don't really like crowds...well, annoying crowds ;).

yah...so that was pretty much it. oh, and i popped into one of those chat room things...crrrrrrrrraaaaazzzzeeeeee. actually not really. i was pretty bored. but that's cool. i just went into that chat room to say hi to a couple people and observe the habits of speedsk8er fans. moohahaha...so eh. nuthin exciting. just colorin n stuff...hahaha...it helps with stress, it really does. :)

aight i'm out. lates.


another weekend has passed...the first weekend of my last semester. *sigh* so many more lasts to come tho...i don't think i have very many firsts here to do anymore, other than to graduate, which i WILL, so don't woorie. anyways, let's move on...

lazy day...woke up late, did some stuff, then we decided to see a movie at 11:45pm, which we were late to. argh. we missed like the first 5 minutes of the movie, which was prolly pivotal to the movie. we (about 10+ of us) saw darkness falls at the beverly in champaign. it was cheesy, but it did get me pretty nervous, tho i'm pretty much always like that at scary movies. but yeah, it was a fun time with the friends! they made it funny for me :). after that, we headed out to arlene and tin's apartment (tho tin wasn't home yet :D) and that was a fun time, too...people were either in the living room watching the food network, or hangin out in one of the rooms dancin and acting stupid. so it was fun times! i didn't go home till like 4:30/5am.

woke up late again, well it only makes sense to. didn't do too much until 5, when the superbowl extravaganza (or as my sister calls it, the piratebowl) started. but me n the roomies decided to eat at isr before goin over to where everyone was watching the game...speaking of the game, how very disappointing!!! it was one of THE most boring superbowls i have ever watched! it was so one-sided! well, maybe not so much at the end, but i stopped watching anyways. see, i wasn't really on either side of the bucs or the raiders, but i was just lookin for a good exciting game to watch! head to head action! but nooooooo...i dunno wut the hell was goin on in those raiders heads. i talked to a friend during some point in the 3rd quarter, and he said that he doesn't think he's ever seen the raiders played that bad ever before. and wut a day to start havin an off day and playin bad!!! oh well. and i'm thinkin, the pain must be deeper for the raiders fans cuz they actually started scorin some points by the end of the game. soorie raiders.

so me n the roomies head home at around 9:30. and at some point during the night, maybe 11ish, decided to watch kate and leopold...oh romantic movies :). sometimes i'm in the mood, and sometimes i'm not. but today was cool. besides, i'm a romantic. and i LOVE hugh jackman...rowwwrrrrrrrrrr...hehehe :D. so that was the rest of my weekend. just so you know :).


ohhhhhhhhhhhh dear. i'm so tired. anyways, lemme tell u about my weekend thus far...


i missed my class. eek. but that's ok...it's one of those HUGE lectures where they wouldn't miss ya. plus i have friends in the class. :) aight, so that was the day, pretty boring. so fer dinner, psa had an event at hooters...yummmmmmm...so that was cool, tho i didn't feel like eatin alot...i had about 6 med wings, and a clam chowder...i LOVE clam chowdah! moving on...last night was the aaa/kdphi/lphie party at a club at school. lemme tell you: i was PISSED the fuck off mayn. people need to calm the fuck down and not fuckin push in line. GEEZ. i swear, freakin CHILDREN i tell ya. children! i feel old. but YEAH! dumbasses wouldn't stop pushing in line! i know it was cold out, and they were prolly cold out, but GUESS WUT. everyone ELSE was prolly JUST as cold or COLDER. GEEEEZ.

i was so pissed off and my friends knew...i feel bad for them. i really don't like goin around bein angry. especially when i'm out lookin for a good time out w/mah friends. so we finally got in, and some of my friends were inside already...and they were just sittin down at a table in the 1st room. there was some good music on, and they were sittin down. and i feel bad for venting to a friend on the phone...PLUS i could barely hear wut he was sayin! ehhhhhhhhh. so i decided to make myself feel better and took a friend inside the second room so at least we were closer to the music. anyways, things ended up bein better (at least when they weren't playin progressive music). they even played some old school booty house! yeahyeahyeah! man, all these kids are too young to even know how to dance to it. man, I'M supposed to be too young to know how to dance to it ;). but it was fun. too much, but fun. i get so tired dancin to that music...i told ya, i'm gettin old. but yeah, overall it was a good time. some low points, but the good outweighed the bad. :D

afterwards, we went to my friends' apartment. people drank, and guess wut, i passed out! i wasn't even drunk! i was just tired :/ oh well. ;D

so that was mah friday. i wonder wut today will bring. and i'm still tired. and i miss my sisters. a lot. yeah. oh and my luscious too. and i guess ewok and my parents. :D

oh, and just so you know, dimples are a plus. a definite plus. ;)


ahhhhhh...so far, i've already been late on the first day of all of my classes. geez. well at least i went, right??? yeah! ;) anyways, not much is happenin here in the land of chambana (champaign-urbana). yeahhhh!!! this is nessa now (fatima's wonderful wonderful roomie). she's showerin with the rubber duckie rite now. anywaze... i'll make my own blog within fatima's blog. i've never had a blog thingie b4. so i'm just tryin it out. oOoO. how fun. so yeah, we're back at school. i had a shit load of reading due on the first day of class. wuuuuut!! excuse me!! i didnt even buy my books til today. yeah BOOKS!! EFFIN BOOKS!!! dammit. i spent 5 bills on books that weigh more than me!! not cool. so please donate money to the *Nessa-Is-A-Broke-Ass-College-Student* Fund. all contributions are apreciated. please contact miss fatima for more details of this fund action goin on. every penny counts! yeah yeah. and its freezing outside. crazy crazy. so yeah.. i showered rite? and i was all combing my hair.. and i got this knot in my hair that i couldnt comb out.. and i'm the most impatient girl in the world... so i cut it out.. i cut the knot outta my hair... with scissors.. hope its not too noticable... fatima didnt say anything about it yet.. so i think we're good. and LL cool J's music video is on MTV. yeah. he's hot sex. i'm down for sum of that! and i dig ankle socks. haha. random!! k.. imma get back to my readin assignment. thanx for readin my partial of a blog. and here's fatima...so it's me now. just so you know, NESSA GOT A PAPER CUT. but she didn't wanna put that down herself cuz she don't wanna get off the couch...hahahaha... :)

k on monday, i ended before the night did...so anyways, when we were watchin, there wasn't anymore space on the couch. so my friend sharon let me get out one of her sleeping bags so i could lie on the floor...plus i like sleeping bags cuz they're fun...i dunno why...anyways, i was all zipped and cozy, but then thara started wonderin if we could both fit in it. so we were butt to butt in that thing, both laughing, while my other friend juvy zipped us in. man, thara was laughing soooooooo hard...she said that it was prolly the hardest she has ever laughed in her life...and this girl fricken laughs all the damn time! hahaha! so that was good laughs...and man, today...geez. girl can't put eye drops in her own damn eyes. and nessa was gettin too frustrated tryin to drop them in for her. so it was my turn...the first time was aight...but man! we did it again, and dude, she wouldn't keep her eyes open...not even a lil! those babies were shut tight! and we were all laughin really hard...i was doin one of those 'i'm laughin so hard no sounds are coming out of my mouth' laughs. it was awesome! eventually of course i got a drop in. :)

yesterday i was supposed to go to wine nite, but it was too damn cold, like how today was. man, i'm wouldn't be surpised if it dipped into the negatives with the wind chill n all...but my aim tells me that it's zero degrees out. HOW WONDERFUL. and tomorrow's low is at -6. how lovely. man, i love having all 4 seasons, but extreme weather can be a big bitch sometimes. i swear, the cold weather makes me just wanna stay in all the freakin time. geez. well, at least i'm doin winsor-pilates ;) ...yes! i'm actually doing some form of exercise. :D yay for me!

so yah, nuthin really new is really goin on...just getting more and more tired, waitin fer spring to come so i can go out and not freeze my butootsie off. oh, and 7 more months. i'm excited, aren't you? :D ...ttyl ;)


alrighty! at the moment, i'm at my friends' place, and they're watching "Unfaithful." i'm really getin pissed off at the lady (i ferget her name) and i'm feelin rally bad for richard gere. and USUALLY, when i see a movie with the girls, i like to feel bad for the girl, and back her up. besides, this is one messed up movie. anyways, it's been another chill day with the girls, and pretty fun in it's own boring way :). watched some mtv, vh1, oblongs, ate some wendy's, then watched some movies. good times...only the beginning. oh, and i recommend that if you know you're gonna be talkin to someone for a lil while, talk while your phone is attached to the charger. those 'battery low' beeps are annoying. hahaha. k gnite! ;)


so i'm back at school again. woohoo. gonna try and live it up tho...well, i don't really feel like writing anymore stuff, but hey, maybe later. ;)


ok, so it's been a while again, and u notice that i don't write in here often, at least not consistantly often. and it'll prolly get worse when i'm back at school. anyways, lemme fill u in...


well on to my last day of work: it's about as exciting as the rest of them. one of the women that works here asked me advice about where her son should live at UofI, public or private (i pushed for public). oh and christine and 2 co-workers (amy and claudine's boy dan) took me to Chipolte for
lunch...yummmmmmm. and then tonight after work, melanie is taking me and christine to Todai for some sushi!!! YEAHYEAHYEAH!!! as you can see, i love sushi. my favorite pieces are salmon and unagi (freshwater eel, which is actually cooked, unlike the salmon). my favorite rolls are the spicy salmon roll, the dragon roll, and the salmon skin...agghhhhh*drool*hhhhhh...oh but yeah, sushi is good. if you like fish or if you think fish is alright, then you just may love sushi. and if you don't like fish, just try it. ya never know!

so we're on our way there, right? and i'm thinkin to myself, well, it's a sushi buffet, how good can it be? MAYN...it was SOOOOOOO good there! they coulda just given me a slab of salmon and i think i'd still be happy! ;) jp...but it was soooo good...the salmon, like budduh, and the unagi, just scrumptious.ahhhhhhhhh...*drool*... =D i honestly had about 2.5 plates...the 1st plate, i STACKED the food man...i went down the line like, "ok, this looks good...what's this? eh, why not..." hahahaha...but it was seriously all good. and for the price it was, hell yeah! i prolly ate about $100 worth of food...seeing as how it was sushi, and i ate lobster too...yumyumyum...and the company was good too! it was me, Christine, Melanie (cuzin), melanie's best friend from forever, Chariya, and Kuya Mike. lotsa laughs...like pushing over the waiter kinda laughs...hahahaha...anyways, it was good times. and it wasn't over yet!

cuz we went to jillian's house! she's the baby of my cuzin, maui, and his wife jane. :) man, they're all so cute together...so domesticated in schaumburg...hahaha... no but really, it's cute seeing them all together. they're definitely a young family, still able to joke around with us young n single kiddies ;). lookin at that baby girl makes me wanna have some nieces and nephews *hinthintwinkwink* ;)

so we went home around 11 or something, and then i just talked on the phone fer about an hour then i talked to christine fer about another hour, then i passed out. so that was tuesday.

wednesday was a chill day. i was supposed to start packin, but eh, wutever. i did some laundry, washed dishes, then i went out with little girl thara! we saw lord of the rings, the two towers. we both saw it twice, but we both needed to see it again. and man, it was still as funny as the first time. man, if u read this email my sister gave me, you'd be laughing during the movie at the most inappropriate times...hahaha...and we did! i thought thara was gonna explode!!! she had the hardest time keepin it in, right thara? hehehe...;)

yesterday, thursday, i didn't do anything again. watched tv, chatted, thought about doin my blog, thought about packing, and that's about it. oh but wait, here are some of my favorite quotes i got from the tv...

"don't woorie, being eaten by a crocodile is like sleeping...in a blender..." -homer simpson to lisa simpson: the simpsons are stuck in a lil boat on a river in africa, a trip they won.

"the top 2/3rds of the vagina has no nerve endings." - on conan o'brien, i think the old woman was a sex therapist. why did she say this? she was explaining that well, it really doesn't matter how long the penis is, because of this very interesting fact. hahaha. :D

now wasn't that just nice? hehehehehe ;) to balance out the strangeness of the quotes...Until You Come Back to Me...and i prefer the one by Hil St Soul...not the pop version one, but the rnb/soul one...cuz there are 2 from her. :) i've been listening to this song fer about the past 2 weeks. my ading (lil sis) arlene introduced it to me about a year ago.

Though you don't call anymore
I sit and wait in vain
I guess I'll rap on your door
Tap on your window pane
I want to tell you Baby
The changes I've been going through
Missing you.
Listen you
'till you come back to me
That's what I'm gonna do
Why did you have to decide
You had to set me free
I'm gonna swallow my pride
I'm gonna beg you to (please baby please) see me
I'm gonna walk by meself
Just to prove that my love is true
Oh, for you baby
'till you come back to me
That's what I'm gonna do
Living for you my dear
Is like living in a world of constant fear
In my plea, I've got to make you see
That our love is dying
Although your phone you ignore
Somehow I must explain
I'm gonna rap on your door
Tap on your window pane
I'm gonna camp on your step
Until I get through to you
I've got to change your view baby
'till you come back to me
That's what I'm gonna do

now today...ugh. friday. well, at least my sister is coming home today. i wanna hang out with her before i go back...maybe we'll do some wedding stuff!!! it makes me kinda sad goin back to school (which seriously doesn't happen often...the bein sad part). i don't want christine doin all this stuff by herself, ya know? and i wanna do as much as i can fer her...but i know that she's not overly happy about doin this stuff. i think it secretly makes her kinda mad. hahahaha. i'm sure she likes some of it, but she hates that alot of people are nagging her...i think...well, at least that's how i'd be. i'm like that anyways ;). but i know i'm gonna miss out...and i wanna go home as much as i can this semester to help her...but then SOOOOOO many people are telling me that i hafta live it up this semester, and i wanna do that too! FUCK MAYN! i can't be everywhere at once! and i know i'm gonna let people down. but u know wut? i know that at this point, i need to make myself happy. and i will somehow. and everything will fall into place...i'll graduate, find a job...then dance the night away with a new friend, with one sister and her boy, and with my other sister as Mrs. Christine Feliciano-Estacio and her husband, all the while with tears stinging in my eyes. and everything will work out.


alrighty...this is gonna be a long post. i have to cover a couple days here again, and i wrote monday's post on 2 different days...but i'll tell you about my tuesday later...

ok. i had an interesting day yesterday. i went to bed at 12 to wake up early so i can shower before church. i wake up at 8am, to find that my sister's fiance, dave, is sleeping on the couch. alrighty then! must've been a good nite for them. also, i find that i'm the first one up...that's like a first ;). so i shower, and me and my dad end up making pancakes, sausage, bacon and eggs for everyone. wow! and i made the bacon and eggs...yummmmmmmm...so we go to church at 11, and there's a guest choir! as christine says, our church is like 95% white, and the choir added more diversity to the church. they were awesome...me and my sister thought that the old people were gonna pass out from all the excitement...hahaha... :)

so after church me and christine looked at some more dresses (bridal, bridesmaids and flower girls) and picked a couple out to put up for voting (which she'll do later). we also tested out how her camera takes fast motion pictures, by me throwing myself on her bed and her taking the picture. that was FUN, but a lil tiring for me. during the whole time we were at the computer, she was chatting...but then she asked me if i wanted to watch lilo and stitch, which i said yes too. but she wanted to first put something on her homepage or wutever, which she said would take 15 minutes. so i was like, ok, i'll play kingdom hearts and build up my level points until we watch. ok...i ended up falling asleep by the tv with ewok our dog next to me. we didn't watch lilo and stitch, but we did end up going out to hooters for some wings with my cuzin melanie and my kuyas (big brothers...who i actually have no relation to) that came back from cali after like 2 years.

then we went home and i played more kingdom hearts...yeah! i like it :). but again, i fell asleep playin...dude i dunno if i can hang anymore...anyways, christine wakes me up, says 'here,' and gives me her phone. of course, i can guess who it is...it's her friend rusty from cali. and he actually felt kinda bad that he woke me up from my nap, even though it WAS already 11pm. so we talked a lil, and i told him that i accept his offer to go to with him to my sister's wedding, though he thinks that my sister pressured me to go with him, which wasn't the case...i need a change, and well, he's a nice change of pace. it's good to get to know new people, especially when you've been limiting yourself to your own circle of friends. it's not that i don't like my friends, it's just that sometimes a person needs something different in their life. so ANYWAYS, he told me he'd call me back cuz he had to drop off some friends. and he actually did call me back. and we talked for about an hour, too. it was nice :). we did the whole if you ask me a question, you have to answer it too, and you have to be honest. but i must admit, i feel kinda bad for him cuz i got the upper hand. my sister already told me stuff about him, and i doubt that she told him anything about me. he didn't even know wut i looked like! hehehe...all good! i sent him a pic. after that, like 12:30, christine makes me talk to her cuz she couldn't eaves drop cuz she was talkin to someone else at the time, though she did catch a couple phrases.

so overall, it was a good day and a good night! now on to boring monday...

-tip of the day: no matter how COLD it is outside, don't wear a sweater to work. the lights surrounding my desk in the ceiling keep me warm enough. and when i'm warm and toasty, i get sleepy.
-i'm starting to hate the smell of popcorn with extra butter.
-i may be bored at work, but i hate busy work even more. gimme something fun to do, like making fake names and info to put into the database for you to play with. hahaha.

well, that's all on work. after this, i just have one more day, so nothing will matter tomorrow...YEAHYEAH! you may think, 'well fatima, at least you earned money. you should be happy you worked over break.' ya know, well sure i am. but i already know what this money is going towards. a bridesmaid dress, money to help pitch in for a hotel room, and hopefully a nice present for my sister. anything left over will pay for books and tuition. hahaha. but i love my sisters, so i do wut i can. oh, and i think i'm buyin a pair of jeans, too. HAHAHA. aight i'm out. ttyl

**wut u read above was wut i wrote during work on monday...but here's something i wrote today about yesterday.**

so before we left work, christine made an appointment at a local bridal shop at 7pm. we got there kinda late, but they were really nice there. the lady took us to one of the dressing rooms...big with 3 mirrors in place of three of the walls. the first dress she tried on was alright. but when christine tried it on, i admit, i got a lil misty eyed when i got the full view of the body and then the train...man. so she started tryin on a couple more dresses, and i got into choosing wut looked good and wut didn't (box pleats and a lil bit of embroidery trim, but not too much). and then she tried on like her 4th or 5th dress...WOW. we both thought the same thing. it has double spaghetti straps that criss-cross in back of a corset-like top, which laces in the back. the top also has beautiful beading, not too much, not too little, and pretty sparkley. and there is also light beading on the skirt and also on the train, which is gorgeously long. but not overwhelmingly long...we knew that this will be the best one for christine in the shop. the other dresses the lady brought out before and after THE dress didn't really compare.

so anyways, when me and christine told the lady that this dress was bumped to #1, she told christine to go to the front of the shop where they have one of those 3 panelled mirrors that other stores usually have in the dressing room area, though these were like huge mirrors. so christine got up on the lil stage thing they have in front of the mirror, and the lady came back to give christine a tiara and a veil...man. that practically did if for me when the lady put it on christine. i felt the sting of tears well up in my eyes. but i knew i couldn't cry...cuz then christine would cry, and that wouldn't be good, now would it. :) dude, she looked liked a beautiful bride...and that's when i realized, shit, she really is gonna get married. this is really happening...it's not just some lil event we like to joke about...she's really gonna get married. :). man, if i thought she looked so gorgeous right then and there, when she only put up her hair in a clip and did her make-up plainly, can you imagine wut she'll look like in 7 months and 10 days? crap. i think i'll need to invest in some waterproof make-up...



So, last night was fun :). I went to a birthday party thing for my friend at Goodbar with my friends romel and tin...that was nice, seeing some people i haven't seen a long time. after that, we went driving around chicago to look for another place to chill at cuz Goodbar was PACKED. so we went to Tiny Lounge which was nice...summer solstice was yummy...but it closed at 2, and we were still planning to meet up with twan (my anak) and pj. so we met up with them at bootleggers (eh), but we left after about 5 minutes cuz we were all hungry. and where did we go to eat? china town of course! we ALWAYS go there to eat after. i got home at like 4am. hahaha.

today, i slept for a while. i woke up at 12, but i decided to sleep more. then i woke up later. hahaha...i'm not telling. but yeah, i ended up goin to shoot pool with thara and romel, and that was fun! i like making her laugh...but i think it's almost too easy ;). so now i'm home and i'm tired. i think i'll drink milk then sleep :D. mmmmmm...milk.......

one more thing...i think i just might have a date to go to my sister's wedding already...oOoOo...who will it be? maybe i'll tell ya... **winkwink**


Yeah, so yesterday was just boring, well work at least. i wore my new jacket! yeah that's how exciting the day was. at least that was one of the last times fer a while that i won't see one of my managers. he's on vacation starting today :D. but there was something of a good thing yesterday...
so i got home by way of the el and bus, and i come home, eat dinner, turn on my sister's computer, and chat a lil. I called christine at around 8 or something and asked her when she was comin home, yadah yadah yadah...so i started gettin ready to make a cd after dling some music...but i decided to take a nap at around 10. great. but not so much. i wake up at around 11 to my dad calling me to answer the phone...and when i do, it's one of my sister's friends in cali talkin to me. GEEEEEEEEZ. but it was a fun and flattering conversation, i must admit...even tho he thinks i hate his 'career' if you can call it that. hahahaha. geez...ppl actually take me seriously ;). but it was nice to get a call, since i don't get to many...but it's ok, i know i'm a hermit :D. and here's a good song for you...Mathew Sweet - Sick of Myself.

you don't know how you move me
deconstruct me
and consume me
i'm all used up
i'm out of luck
i am starstruck
by something in your eyes
that is keeping my hope alive
i'm sick of myself when i look at you
something is beautiful and true
in a world that's ugly and a lie
it's hard to even want to try
and i'm beginning to think
baby you don't know
i'll take or leave
the room to breathe
the choice to leave you
i'll throw away
a chance at greatness
just to make this
dream come into play
i don't know if i'll find a way
'cause i'm sick of myself when i look at you
something is beautiful and true
in a world that's ugly and a lie
it's hard to even want to try
and i'm beginning to think
baby you don't know
there's something in your eyes
that is keeping my hope alive
but i'm sick of myself when i look at you
something is beautiful and true
in a world that's ugly and a lie
it's hard to even want to try
and i'm beginning to think
baby you don't know

now today...argh. i swear. even yesterday a lil...ARGHHHHHHH!

ya know, a girl is just tryin to do her job, and people have to be such assholes. patience is a virtue, and not many of the people that call her have that virtue. fackin bitches. i was instructed to say "Good (morning/afternoon/evening), Fatima speaking, how can i help you?" and after they state their intention, i ask their name and company name if they haven't yet. and if anyone wants to Dave (the prez), i have to ask what their call is in regards to. so YESTERDAY, i'm doin mah thang, either on the computer or filing crap, and this ASSHOLE calls in like he's an almighty god that MUST speak to Dave. i ask his name and company, and he hastily tells it to me, barely cutting me off. and THEN, when i ask what the call is in regards to,. BITCH, if you were that important, you'd have his fuckin number, or at LEAST his fuckin extension. MAYN! i was really upset after that. i wanted to yell at dk and tell him to give his personal clients some manners, or at least give them some secret fuckin codeword to say so that i know just to transfer them. bitches i tell ya. ugh.

oh and TODAY...argh...this GUY calls in: "Good morning, DK-" "Yeah I'd like to Paul." "Ok, can i have-" "Yeah my name is ... " "Alright...can i have your comp-" "Can i just talk to Paul, he knows me." WELL AIN'T THAT NICE. HE FUCKIN KNOWS YOU. do these people think i care? i should just fuckin hang up on them. mistakes happen ;).

-tip of the day: a late lunch can make your day seem shorter. which i didn't do today cuz i was fallin asleep and i needed to walk around to wake me up.

well, my nite ain't over yet...i just might have a lil bit more fun ;). but i don't wanna be out too late...work tires me out. dang.


-having a routine can be comforting, but mostly it sucks. here's mine: wake up at around 6, get out of bed at around 6:30, do bathroom stuff, make some instant coffee, turn on the tv, drink and eat, get to work (either by public or private transportation), walk in, put my stuff down, put my coat away, turn on my computer, get a glass of water, take the phone off of night service, put up microsoft outlook, put up windows media player (i don't wanna dl winamp), play my music, maybe open up solitaire and wait for the calls to come in. then i eat lunch at around 12/1, be gone for about 45min-1hr, then start working and waiting, and reading. at 5 i put the night service back on and go home. now during my day, sometimes they have me do other things, like stocking up the kitchen or some filing, sometimes a lil typing or reserving the conference rooms. but other than that, the day is filled with playing solitaire or reading my book (today, Mists of Avalon). woohoo.
-man, i always count down the hours. in the morning, i count down till lunch (cuz counting down to the end of the day would just be depressing) and then after lunch, i count down to the end of the day.
-lunch was good! even tho i was away for 1.5 hrs....it's ok. they can fire me. then someone there can fill in the beloved receptionist position while the usual one is away in europe till the 15th. HA. besides, i was with my cousin Melanie and one of her friends. i think they both used to babysit or watch me when i was lil. but it was good times...she still looks the same too...go asians! Melanie's friend was the very first thai person i've known, without really acknowledging the fact that she was thai. hey i was lil, cut me some slack.
-busy work can be a blessing or a curse. i'm not sure wut this next lil job they gave is...

YEAH! i get a ride home! then me and Melanie went shopping on my almost neverending quest for a winter jacket. we went to lincolnwoood, then to the old navy on dempster...and guess wut? I FINALLY HAVE A WINTER JACKET THAT FITS!!! woohoo! no more borrowing for me! ;) and with that, i bought a fleece scarf (1.79) and fleece gloves (2.99). go to the old navy on dempster! man if i had more money...:( all good. soon enough. :)

ahhhhh. i don't know if i'm gonna like the monotony i see before in the real world. too tired to do almost anything...wanting to just sleep the day away...hating wut your doing. maybe if i love wut i do, i won't be as drained. eh. it's just a temp job anyways, right? yeah. but man, i really need to live it up this semester...that and get bomb-ass grades again. :) i almost feel as if this is like the last four months of being young and stupid...and i have to dedicate the rest of my life to being a responsible adult. sick. :P

one last thing...i miss hanging out with my highschool friends...life was just a whole lot easier back then. i know the levels between hs and college are way different, but i know that i grew up with other kids kinda too for 4 yrs. i mean, i wasn't on any sports teams, but i was in band. YES THE BAND. it was frickin awesome. we would travel places...hang out a lil, get to know each other. sad thing is, i only talk to one of them now, who is prolly one of my closest friends, even tho i barely see him. i think one of the main reasons i still hang out with him is because whenever we talk on the phone, it's like no time has passed between us. and i like that. cuz i really SUCK at keeping touch with people. maybe it runs in the family. hehehehe.

to end...this is one of the songs on my cds i play during work...it's Incubus - i miss you, the acoustic version. remember kiddies, acoustic is best! it just sounds a whole lot cleaner and heartfelt. :D

To see you when I wake up
is a gift I didn't think could be real.
To know that you feel the same as I do
is a three-fold, utopian dream.
You do something to me that I can't explain.
So would I be out of line if I said,
I miss you
I see your picture, I smell your skin on the empty pillow next to mine.
You have only been gone ten days, but already I'm wasting away.
I know I'll see you again
whether far or soon.
But I need you to know that I care
and I miss you.


WARNING! this is a long one...i'm filling u in on about 5 days here... :D


my thoughts on the weekend and today ((monday))...first i'll bore you with work, then i'll get to the weekend. so really there's no order. maybe. eh. :)

-being by the kitchen sucks. food either smells real damn good or real frickin bad.
-going to a bar after work for drinks and nachos is good...even if you're a lil tipsy on the train-ride afterwards, tryin to read a book to amuse yourself while your sister gently sleeps.

Friday: At work, i just decided to read when i wasn't doing anything. if they gave me a job to do, fine. but if i wasn't doing anything, better to be caught reading than to be caught playing on the computer. they look down on that. hahaha. after work, we went to Mother Hubbards downtown (restaurant/bar, i dunno wutever) and i had 2 bud lights and shared nachos with about 6 other co-workers (including the sister). that was fun :). i work with some funny people...too bad i barely see any of them cuz i'm cooped up in the front by myself. so yeah, i was a lil happy on the train goin home...and thankfully, my parents weren't home when we got back in case i smelled of beer. :D
anyways, i didn't know that they weren't home. i didn't bother checking. i thought my mom was in her room and my dad was in the basement. then my friend from hs calls and asks if i wanna go out with him and his friends to a bar in wrigleyville. i go to ask my parents (cuz sometimes i have to), but HEY! they're not home! so i accept. woohoo! more drinking to do :). and it was good seeing my friend...lucky bastard has been goin to school in hawaii...but now he's
back in chicago to complete his degree, which kinda sucks for him. soorie dudie. =/ no more palm trees for you ;). my parents came home about an hour after he called, and i just told them i was gonna go out...and my mom never seems concerned that i hang out with him, even if it's just me and him. maybe she likes him cuz he always gave me a ride home the last like 2 years of highschool :).
so he picks me up at 9. he rings the doorbell, and when i look through the window in the door, i ferget that we have grapes there left from New Years (the whole prosperity for the year thing), so i can't see him. and when i open the door...whoa! he shaved his head! now, it's nothing new for him cuz he's done it before, but i didn't see him during that time...so it was a shock to me. there's about a cm of hair, so it's just enough...it looks good! so we met up with his friends at Hi-Tops for some beer and the ohio vs. miami game (good game!), then we moved to John Barleycorn for just one more round...it was fun even tho i didn't really know those other guys. they're pretty funny. :) so yeah, i had a good time that night :D. oh, and i came home (buzzing just a lil after 3 beers and a guiness) to find my sister, claudine, sleeping on the couch with a glass of some sort of clear liquid on the table next to her as well as a garbage can. so i she was on the couch drunk. she wakes up and i asked her if she was, but she said that she just got sick from God knows what food they ate before the wolves game (minor league hockey). she didn't even have anything to drink! hahaha. poor sister. i slept at around 3:30ish let's say. i expected to sleep in, but that didn't happen.

Saturday: i unhappily and through no choice of my own woke up at 10am. later at around 12 we had dimsum with the in-laws (oOoOo) minus justin (awwww) which was kinda fun. the weirdest thing they had - chicken feet. did i eat it? HELLZ NO! my dad accidentally got it, just hearing the 'chicken' part of it. hahaha. so him and mr. estacio ate the chicken feet...ewwwwwww. after lunch the estacios joined us at our house for what christine calls 'the council of elrond,' which was the lil meeting the families had concerning christine and dave's wedding plans. wow. that was long. christine and dave we're pretty strong and were able to resist the power of the parents. no ring here, just parents. hahahaha...they can be tricky in getting what they want. later that night, i went to club 720 for my friend's b-day. there were some high points and low points...but my friends did get pretty drunk, and they did play some old school house which i LOVE to dance to. i just think that we were there for too long tho...from like 11-3, then after that we went to chinatown for some eats (yumyumyum). OH!!! and in china town was when i saw my first chicago rat! but it wasn't a big black one, it was a smaller one, but a rat none the less. :) man...so we were walkin back to the car, and a block in front of us, i see this lil animal walking straight to us. i thought to myself, 'wait, what the heck is a squirrel running around at night for?' then i realized that the 'squirrel' didn't have bushy tail, and it was walkin kinda funny. since it was a block away, i had to squint...then i realized it was a rat! i was so excited! my first encounter with a wild rat! hahaha...see cuz i took a psych lab class where we had to keep the lab rats domesticated by handling them (holding them, playing with them a lil...). but i was kinda sad cuz i didn't get a closer look...my friends told me to run to it and catch it, and i started to, but it ended up turning right to it's right and crossing the street. =( hahaha. good times. ;)

Sunday: Take down the tree day...but claudine had to bounce early to make it back to med-school. all she did was take off the red beads. good for her. just kidding sister!!! ;) anyways, me and christine had a lotta fun...man, it was a trip trying to get the boxes and stuff back into the attic...i dunno...when me and claudine did it, it all seemed so much easier...but since it was so difficult for me and christine, we laughed so hard we cried...her sides still hurt today...hahaha...oh and there was this whole drooling incident that happened...but u can read that on her site (click the yano sisterfriend on the left). all you really need to know is that it wasn't me :D. it was uneventful day, but that's cool cuz it was otherwise an eventful weekend. besides, i had to wake up for work today (even tho i slept at like 3 to make a cd for myself).

oh, and i'm still workin on kingdom hearts. not that i can't beat it, i'm just takin my time, doin all the extra stuff, plus if i play to long my parents get mad =/.


well, i was supposed to post that yesterday, but i kinda passed out for the night right after work (around 6:30).

all i know was that i had a headache. christine left for cali at around 3 during work (for business), so i took the el my myself. it was pretty crowded...and i didn't take my hat off. so maybe i got too hot or something. by the time i got home, i had a headache :(. so i just changed, told my parents i had a headache and went to my sisters room to nap. i remember them trying to wake me up for dinner...but i wasn't hungry...and then i remember them telling me to just sleep there and set the alarm clock...and then i remember it being 4:30 in the morning. so then i set the alarm clock. hahaha. too bad it didn't go off this morning...tho the tv did which was freaky. then my dad woke me up at 6:30...and he had coffee and a lil breakfast ready for me! :) pandesal (a soft bread roll), mayo and ham...mmm...then i got a ride to work from my aunt...woohoo! got to work at 8am (the earliest yet). fun fun fun. hey, i guess that can mean more money for me... eh.

-one thing...i REALLY hate it when someone heats up some real good smelling food at the office...i think i'm dying...it smells so good! :(
-one ALMOST exciting thing happened today...at the beginning of the day, i'm supposed to take kindof a rollcall..."staff availability"...which is an email sayin who is out of the office. i start workin on it around 8:30, and i'm supposed to send it out around 9:45...but one employee was MIA...and he usually comes in early or calls as soon as he knows he'll be out. WELL, almost everyone was worried about him, and i heard a couple jokes about a bookie...hahaha...anyways, i had to send out an email with him as out under personal business, tho we didn't know where he was (at around 9:45). at about 10:30, we find out he's out on a business call at some location. geez. that was maybe the most excitement i've had at work. how sad.
-and during one of numerous down-times i have at work, i decided to compute an estimate of my wages while here (about 10 days). i get paid by the hour, no paid lunch, and the gov't hopefully won't take more than 30% of my paycheck. i work an average of 7.5 hours a day. if the gov't didn't take any percentage of my money, i'd get paid a nice sweet amount. however, our country doesn't work that way, so they could be takin about 200 away from me. bastards. wut can ya do.

well that's my day...and the end of my blog for now. oh, and christine is in cali where the weather is beautiful. and she has gracefully decided to call her family and say that she is alive, tho i had to read it first on her webpage. thanks sisterfriend. moohahaha. it's ok, i love my sisters ;).


ok, i know i just blogged a couple hours ago...but something just happened...

so i don't really like checking my grades online, which i am able to before they are sent home on paper...i like to be surprised i guess, but more like i'm too nervous to look. well my friend liss im'ed me that the grades were up, and i decided, wut the hey, i got nothing really to lose...

DAMN. or shall i say HOT DAYM!

i did pretty damn well. i'm kinda proud of myself...by the rate i'm goin, i just might obtain the lil goal i set for myself (which i can't really tell you, just know that i actually have a goal). so YAY for me! :)


Happy New Year! so let me fill you in on what's happened since last time...

I'm working! yeah! and so wut if my sister got me the job...i worked there before, so who better than me? ;) it's only till i leave, but hey, it's money, ya know? i started working on monday, dec. 30. it's gonna be so exciting working there. yeah. i'm the receptionist, so um...i don't think it's gonna be real exciting. i'm all by myself up there in the front...and this is wut i've learned on monday:

-how to work the BIG phone
-where to put the mail
-where to stock up
-how to order office supplies
-which the important drinks are (diet pepsi for the top peeps and swiss miss with marshmellows for the employees, or they get cranky)
-it's no fun working alone
-don't fall asleep, even for a second
-keep an eye on the door (to let them in)
-there are ways to know if people are tryin to sneak up on you
-chances are, if people call my phone, they aren't that important. if they were, they would call personal lines. so don't panic
-they've come this far, they can wait
-my lunches depend on other people's lunches
-no more hour+ lunches with the sister
-prez and vice prez don't take personal days. it's always business
-don't fear the phone
-fear the prez and vice prez

yeah, let's see if this stuff stays in my brain. ya know wut? i worked new years eve...i was up at 6:30, at the office at 8:15 and didn't get out of the office till 5:15. ugh. it was SOOOOOOOO BORING. they didn't let us out early :(. there were barely any calls and they just gave me alot of busy work, which i guess was a good thing. BUUUUUUT, they did bring alcohol at like 3 so ppl can drink...i didn't drink much, just a shot of jack with one of the managers. they're really nice to me...i dunno if the managers come by the front desk and chat a lil with me just to be nice, or to check up on me. that's wut i thought at first, but when i was actually doin stuff they'd still stop by. wutever.

anyways, new years eve was pretty fun with the fam. we got at the party at 8, ate, then we started playing cranium. it was hilarious. we played for about 3 hours...we had like 15 minutes till 12. anyways, cranium is hilarious. there were 4 teams, (4, 3, 3 and 4) and one team of 4 was Team UofI (4 yr plan grads-Christine, Dave, Claudine and Maui). and u know wut? THEY WERE DEAD LAST...it was prolly the alcohol :D. hahahahah...my team was 2nd ;). after we played, there was about 15 minutes till 12, so we decided to take cuzin pics...THAT took about a minute (as nessa says...meaning it took forever). by the time we were done, there was literally a minute left till midnight...i didn't even see the countdown on tv...i just heard all the titas and titos counting down in the other room. midnight came...so did all the kissing of the cheeks. geez. i don't know how long THAT took...sooooooo many titas, titos and cuzins. after that, i'm not too sure wut we did...but eventually we decided to watch the royal tenenbaums, which i saw before, but hey i like it. then we passed out. it was kinda early too...it was about 5 or 6 or something...i woke up at around 12 the next day to find that the adults were still playing mahjong...i heard they all got about an hour sleep then kept on playing. wut troopers. hehe. my sisters left me to be with their boys...so i was left with only a few cuzins, who kept me happy, but i still missed the sisterfriends.

so that was pretty much my new years...oh, and i got to at least say happy new years to a couple of my UofI friends, who were mostly toasty when i called :). new years day wasn't as much fun, pretty chill, but hey, can't have everything.

change of subject: if you haven't seen lord of the rings: 2 towers, go see it! it's good! i need to see it again...when i did, we were 2nd row, and the action was almost too much that close. it was FREAKY KEWL! that's for you thara ;). hehehe. anyways, it's a must see...and i can't wait till the last installment (lord of the rings: return of the king). i read the entire trilogy (plus the prequel, the hobbit) and i really loved it. the movies so far aren't as great, of course, but still, the last movie should be AWESOME. :D:D:D

ok. i think i've talked enough for now. if i can, i'll do daily blogs. k! ttyl.